Legato question

Hello, this may be a stupid question but here goes…

I noticed that the Gxx effect (legato/pitch glide) even when used with the maximum value of FF, does not “snap” the pitch immediately to the new note, unless ticks per row is 1. There is always a “glide” from one note to the other, hence the effect’s name i guess. Is there a way to achieve immediate snapping to new note without retriggering sample and/or envelopes? (and with ZKxx values greater than 1)?

There’s always the possibility of entering a bunch of sample-offset commands with incremental values, but… :confused:

/* EDIT */

Adding 2 other Gxx effect columns to the same tracks does the trick for pitch “gaps” spanning up to about an octave, but i’m still wondering, is there a “cleaner” way to do this?


Or a couple of simultaneous Gxx commands A already noticed you have seen it.
Or simply “slice” the sample with a small offset and trigger that note. (this won’t work for multisamples instruments ofcourse)

Can someone explain what this would do and how it’s related to legato? I’m totally confused :X

I guess one could emulate a continuous sample flow with changing pitch by first triggering sample at say, C-4, letting it play to sample point (t) in time, then trigger the same sample at pitch A-6 FROM point (t) in the sample.

Delt wants an instant transform to the new note without the sample being retriggered. AAahw… i’m so stupid!! Renoise has Note Ghosting which should be for that.
Delt:Delete the instrument number after the subsequent notes in the next lines, this should do what you want. (this also prevents instrument envelopes being retriggered)

Ah, THANK YOU!!! Problem solved :D :D :D

(in most trackers, omitting samp/inst number just uses the last one used in that channel)

uh… NOT solved :( - see this thread: "Ghost notes" - retriggered sample!! :(

My mistake, i originally didn’t even test it - or rather, tested it very quickly - and had just assumed it did what you said. (i don’t understand how i could have missed it when using renoise for days!! i always use this feature in trackers!!!)

This really threw me off in the above bug report.