Let's Modulate Instrument DSP Chains!

Loving 3.0! In the objective of moving towards a bright new future, I have a small but important suggestion to make to improve the already amazing Instrument Editor.

Let’s make parameters in the instrument FX chains modulatable from the “modulation” section of the instrument editor! (The same way we modulate volume / panning / pitch / filters currently.)

Since I imagine that it would require a new set of instrument DSP chains to be created for each note played, under the hood, (so that multiple simultaneous notes don’t have the same issues that they currently have with the key tracker / LFO approach), this will require a certain amount of work from the devs. However, it would be an very strong step closer to the objective of making the Instrument Editor into something even more powerful, an objective that I do not imagine myself alone in anticipating as a concrete reality in the next version :drummer:/> .

In conclusion, I hope somebody out there related to the development of this awesome piece of software is reading this! Also, I’d like to thank you all (not just the devs) for making this such an awesome way to make music!

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Big ups for it

C’mon guys, more support please :D (The more +1s we get the more likely it will be for the devs to read this.)

This would be awesome, and it seems to be one of the main things still “missing” from the instrument editor. Perhaps there’s some technical reason that this hasn’t been implemented yet? It’s worth asking the devs.

Yay, this is exactly the problem. We’ve got 1312=156 voices per track, 1312*12=1872 with phrases. So we’d need to instantiate up to 1871 cloned FX chains in order to play back such modulations. With a few Renoise internal DSPs this may even work, but already there eats up tons of resources. When using VST plugins, this means we’d also need to instantiate them 1872 times, which is very like to cause some huge troubles.