Let'S Vote For New Features!

Track grouping would be a big win for me. I can’t believe no other tracker has it well. Working with 40++ more tracks is hard when you cant hide some tracks.

My greatest wish is for multiple inputs on VSTS to support proper sidechaining. Does that come under “Modular structure”

I agree with this one. Maybe “better audio routing” so that tracks can interact with eachother. I suppose a complete revamp of the audio mixer wouldn’t hurt either. Maybe something like that new Propellerhead Record SSL mixer, but better. :)

I dont know if this

or generally VST MIDI plugins belongs to other or modular structure, checked both

Track grouping
Other: Panning for send devices

voted other;

‘more’ button to expand the whole lower Renoise tab, meaning big ass automation view, bigger custom lfo window and big instrument envelopes view etc.

Another other: windows.

I know I know, probably no chance to get this…

I just voted for everything. There should also be native MOD/XM/IT etc. exportation.

EDIT: We probably won’t get modular structure and zoom-able pattern editor until 3.0, because it would require one hell of an overhaul, most likely, like the LPB system introduced in 2.0.

EDIT EDIT: Fortunately, we’re already getting pretty close to 3.0, considering that we’re already on 2.7.1, so :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Considering all the feature requests imaginable, surely this has to be at the bottom of the list?

considering your signature, i think you already have this.


I voted: track grouping
other (specify with comments): dsp effect grouping

I like to keep my project clean and organized :)


That’s right…


i’m thinkin’ that an internal synth would be good and/or midi vst support implemented also

Yes, an internal synth and improvements on the internal samples (think groups and envelopes per group, maybe multiple outputs…).

An internal synth? WHY? There’s tons of free VST’s out there. An internal synth would be nothing but redundant.


Like said before, give us the building blocks to build our own synths in a more modular way, please no fixed bloat.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a more modular approach of the dsp chains with ‘combinators’ and multiple routing, instead of using too many sends like today. That would permit people building synthesizers more easily if they wanted to. I don’t think the synthesizing is an aspect the devs should waste their time with though.

And as I’ve said Clips/Sub-Patterns would give us the ability to do just this. As well as things like polyrhythms and give the possibility if arranging and trying out ideas in a different way.

Oh not again!
Renoise is multiplatform, 99,9% of the VSTi plugins is not. Period.

I’m sure that even in the 0.1% there will be a synth you can use.