Lfo Bass Troubles....

Been getting to grips with using the lfo device on sampled sounds to make your stereotypical typical dubstep bass. :w00t:
How ever everything gets all out of time and the bass sounds rubbish… you guys got any tips and tricks maybeeeees?

Great thing about the built in LFO is, if you use the automation window rather than pattern commands, you can set the speed to an exact number of lines. Due to the resolution of the pattern commands you can’t there.

If you don’t know where that is it’s the first box after cut/copy/paste buttons.

ALso don’t forget to Reset your LFO at a useful point a pattern or two before you use it and maybe fairly regularly afterwards. Just click on the Reset button and it will display the command on the bottom left of the status bar of Renoise (it depends on location in DSP chain but for eg it was 3600 as it was third in the chain in my latest song.) You can also get more advanced and jump to different parts of the cycles, x680 will be half, x640/x6co the other quarters.

Plenty of other threads on it if you use this search function if that doesn’t make sense.

also , http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?sho…mp;#entry166530