Lfo Frequency In Bars/beats

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for a better summary of my problem.

please dont tell me it is sync’d by default - lpc really doesn’t make sense in a musical way. and we are trying to make music here, aren’t we?

I think you want it represented in musical measurement units. Like bars, whole notes, half notes, quarters etc etc.

Now we have a problem. Since one bar equals length in beats determined by time signature the actual length of LFO cycle should change according to the time signature used when measured as bars. This can’t be done in Renoise as it does not work in musical time units.

One should also be able to change both note value and amount of those notes to be really precise. This would require whole new time measuring concept in Renoise. I would not have a problem with it, but many people are not familiar with classical notation or how to think Renoise lines in notes.

LPC is very simple. Remember the length of the beat changes with the speed you choose. If you want to sync it to one beat you need to change the LPC to you songs Lines Per Beat count which can be found in song settings tab. Now if you want to sync it to eighths divide it by two. If triplets multiple by four and divide by three. And so on. If you can write it into staff you can think it over.

Measuring in note lengths would still be theoretically possible, but then I guess everything else should be optionally shown in note lengths also, like delay sync, block play length and so on. In fact this could be pretty easy to do. But still should be optional setting.

Aint’ for it, ain’t against it. I can manage this like it currently works.

edit_This really makes no sense. To use note sync effectively you have to know how to convert lines into notes, and if you can do that you really don’t need note sync at all. So the benefit is zero.

Maybe lines per cycle doesn’t say much to you, but it is these lines you see each pattern that scrolls in front of you.
If we have to translate one LFO cycle better use something everybody at least can see happening and understand sooner or later than translating it to something that will bring up questions like “How many lines is one BPM?” or “How many lines is one bar?” because these questions get answers like “It depends on how your speed is set to and what your BPM is”. And then we have to give complex answers that would scare away any person that cannot cope 1 bpm with a dynamic x-amount of lines.