Lfo Random Seed

I just wanted to re-suggest something which has been mentioned a couple of times in the past.

When the LFO is in random mode, would it be possible for its reset function 06xx to set the random seed, allowing us to get a reproducable sequence of values out of it? That would be really nifty :)


bump for beta2.0

I like the idea of using a seed for the random LFO, but using the reset command to seed it might be a bit less variations?

I’ve been wishing for this for a long time… :dribble:


But in that case it ain’t random anymore is it?
The only random is the first chosen pattern but that would be it.

Well, if the random LFO in Renoise is even remotely similar to other number generators I’ve experienced, then it’s not truly random in the first place… it’s a psuedo-random number generator which already has to be initialised with some kind of seed value. Typically, this seed might be based on the current system time/date, or some other suitable piece of ‘unique’ data.

For example, a seed value of “1” might produce the sequence “1, 4, 6, 2, 8, 3…”
While a seed value of “2” might produce the sequence “5, 3, 8, 1, 0, 4…”

These sequences are still ‘random’, because you can leave the generator running for a long time and get completely different results, but they are also predictable, because you can guarantee that a particular seed will produce exactly the same sequence of numbers every time.

I am not suggesting that the core behaviour needs to be changed in any serious way. For other users who decide to never touch the reset function (which is currently rather useless in random mode anyway), then the LFO will behave in exactly the same way as it always has, and Renoise will seed the number generator using whatever method it currently uses. But it should also be possible to override that default behaviour by supplying a custom seed value, if I choose to.

That simple element of control is really the key issue here for me: Every time I render my song, I need to be able to rely on the output being identical every time, even if I am using a random LFO.

Even though I use randomised behaviours to help me add some varied/organic feeling to things, I need to remain in control of the overall process so that I can actually create music with a specific intention, rather than being at the mercy of completely unpredictable system.

I’m a control freak :D


Ah so…

I don’t know… it somehow sounds fun when you create a song that generates different outcomes each render session.

Gives you the ability to render different versions of the song and calling them “spliffy spacy mix” and “chit-chat-rocky mix” etc. without having to do a thing besides rerendering the song.

Could leave it so a 0 value seed could use a random (timer based) seed.

I was just thinking how awesome it would be to have a random number/lfo device with a seed value, so thought I’d resurrect this thread. Would something like this be possible to make as a tool?

I workaround this problem often. I use randomization in the effects column(s) of the pattern and copy that effect data across patterns. This breaks down with short patterns and probably in some other scenarios, but the way i use renoise it’s not a big inconvenience to me.

i’ve seen youtube videos of people using renoise in interesting ways, so i know my workaround isn’t practical for a number of people.

A person could spend the rest of their natural life looking for the perfect random seed (“oh, the song is 3 minutes long but that one part gets too randomly quiet at 1:43… lemme try another seed”).

But this is a version 3, imho, along with a list of other hopefuls

(like to render real-time thru my audio interface so i can use external effects, recording multiple line-in pairs at once… ha! sorry off topic)

With the new pattern effect capabilities, there could even be a new seed command. 0 would be the default behavior, and all other values would be seeds.