Same here.
But I use random lfo a lot and then reset won’t help cause that’s what’s random is all about right :D ?

Now here is an idea;

Sometimes (most the of the time) the random lfo creates some really cool sounds while I’m composing.
But of course the next time it sounds completely different.
Maybe it would be cool if one could record the lfo output so that you can sort of freeze that nice random moment.

Here are a few ways to make this happen;

  • a record button in the lfo device itself with the option >> paste recorded lfo movements directly to automatisation
  • a record button per track that can enable/disable record lfo movements to automatisation

You like? :lol:

This idea appeals to me. I’m a big user of Random LFOs.

A possible way to get around this is just hit the random noise button in the automation curve?

Whenever I posted about the fact that (pseudo-)random generators can very well produce reproducable outputs (s.e.e.d.) I got ignored, so I’m not saying anything :(

Yes, if x6yy could set the seed of the LFO’s random generator mode, that would be incredibly useful!


Like that Glitch thing ? :P

that would be sweet also i would like to be able to automate the LFO LPC with another LFO in a more handy way (like a option to randomly choose between 4,8,16,32 etc) atm it’s a bit hard to do that at least i think it is…?