Lfo Start Value

Hi there,
I have been successful at creating and playing with the classic dubstep bass wobble effect but there’s no synch to get the control that the LFO is manipulating to always start at the same value. Therefore, when I play my track the bass bobble never sounds the same way twice. Any ideas for how to do this? I tried automating the cutoff at a certain value at the start of a pattern but it didn’t work, I think the LFO just overrides it.

You can trigger the LFO’s reset command x7yy to start at any phase position you want it to, where x is the number of the LFO Device in the chain, and yy is the phase position from 00 to FF.

You can also right-click the LFO’s Reset button and it will automatically insert a reset command into the pattern for you. Then you can tweak the reset value to get the desired result.

See the manual for more information:

PS: Here are a couple of silly wobble bass examples I did a while ago which rely on resetting the LFO.




But besides of reset “command”, there should be somewhere easy accesible info how to sync LFO to bpm…

Or even LFO should has possibility to work in syncX modes.

@bluszcz: dblue’s probably going to tell you next how to sync the LFO (i would if i knew how it worked), but i agree with you it is not so obvious. i’m still struggling with the current options, possibly because i do not fully understand how it works, but despite that i do think it is unintuitive (at least for me)


I know how to do this (I am using starting value and divide / multiply always by contstand) and how to make it sync without using reset to have to same point on timeline with start of pattern… But this is annoying and really makes me using always synchronization from the plugin itself when its possible.

But I really think that this is too geeky.

And sync LFO would speed up insane many operations.

it´s always wise to reset the LFO at the beginning of a pattern and also when you change it´s speed. i don´t understand what the problem is, it´s fast and easy. :)

as Dblue sayed, right click is your friend here.

as long as you are not interested in synchronised, yes, that works. but this is only half functionality. And reset commands rocks, since its easy to change the rhytm with it.

However, this is a part of functionality - LFO sync is really useful and with reset command makes killing combo.

maybe i don´t know what you mean by sync, but if you use speed like “1,2,4,8,16,32” the lfo will be always in sync. or are we talking about something different ?

Yes, that was what i was gonna say aswell, LFO is always synced to the speed of the song and if you change the BPM or the L/B the LFO will change aswell.
I didn’t know about the reset function though, so thanks dblue for claring that out, i’ve been avoiding the LFO some times just because i didn’t know how to reset it. ^_^

Well, yes.

This is what I wrote “I know how to sync”.

But try to assing MIDI knob to it and with knob movement jump between those synchronised values…

Or just do anything only in set of “sync” values.

Anyway, I know that current allows to sync, but personally i would prefer switch like in many VST plugins - sync manually or to host :)

Do you mean a way to automatically skip all the frequencies which is not in sync?
I don’t know how to do that, but it would be nice to know if it’s possible, would be neat to be able to LFO another LFO which is always in sync. :)

ahhh, know i understand you, this was the information i needed ;)
well, maybe it`s possible with scripting ?!?

another possibility is to learn how to tweek your knobs to get the right values,
just kidding :lol:

Yep, if you’re only using a single LFO Device then it’s not really possible to easily jump between certain fixed pre-defined LFO sync/frequency values.

But it is possible to use the technique that I’ve demonstrated in my example .XRNS linked above (and in other posts on the forum), by linking 2 LFO Devices together. The 1st LFO acts as a controller which has a custom envelope containing your pre-defined sync points, and then you connect this to the frequency of 2nd LFO. The 2nd LFO controls the parameter you’re interested in, while the 1st LFO can easily be automated to change the frequency/timing. Don’t forget to reset the phase of the 2nd LFO at the start of a new note or pattern.

Another example: (2.7 RC1)

Hmmm, what if we had some sort of “sync device” which would force sync the property it’s connected to, one that could be connected to other effects and devices aswell?

Thanks dblue for idea. I understand it - and it sounds as proper solution, however still geeky. Too geeky.

New Renoise comes with multiband send device, comb filter, beat sliver and so. All this stuff made me lazy :rolleyes:

I think that true sync LFO device with hardcoded bindings may allow to spent more time on creativity then just ‘programming how to get proper effect’.

sync device would be great, had the same idea some minutes ago :)

Maybe it could be a 16 step sequencer thingy where you set the desired frequence on each of the 16 steps, whereas you could roll through the steps with a controller/slider?

what about a device which can do something like this ?

00 --------D--------- ff <-- fader

range : 00-1f value: 10
range : 20-3f value: 40
range : 40-80 value: a0

send to : xxxxxxxx <-- destination effect

so if you use the fader, everything from 00-1f will send the value 10 to the destination etc.
i´m not good in tweeking graphics but i thinks this is easy to understand.

edit: TheBellows was a little bit faster :D

IMO Renoise Lfos are already much better than any other DAW except maybe Logic…and I’ve tried them all. It’s very easy to reset and sync them…and much more flexible than other hosts. Renoise is supposed to be geeky.

Hehe, didn’t mean to steal anyone’s ideas. :)