Lfodevice One-shot

Now that the LFO has custom waveforms, the path between an LFOdevice and a generic envelopedevice is very short. I’d be interested in seeing the LFOdevice getting a one-shot option, where it will run exactly one cycle when reset, then stop/hold the end of that cycle until next reset. Now that 1.9 gives us a velocitydevice, and dblue has been praying to the gods of renoise for velocitydevice-enabled lfo reset, this could be a very interesting combo.

At this point you could probably rename the LFOdevice to envelopedevice, and have LFO be its default setting, One-shot it’s alternate, and rename reset to trigger

oohh yeah baby, bring it on.

That would be slick! Now imagine if one could trigger different envolopes using a different volume value. The velocity device targets may be automated. :)

Edit: … Possible using a second velocity device connected to the first one … hmmmmmmmmmmm!

That’s right… STEAL my envelope metadevice idea why don’t you!!! :P

… well, I obviously definitely want this, but I’d probably want to keep it as a separate device tbh. LFO should be LFO… getting rid of it isn’t the greatest idea. And, whilst I’m rehashing old posts, I might as well bring up my “LFO Stuff” post, 'cause I still want smoothed noise as an LFO waveform :P

Has nothing to do with stealing anything. ;)
It has to do with meeting the developers half way. The 1.9 lfoDevice is already an envelopedevice, it’s just lacking this one option and we’re there.

All I’m saying is, duplicate the code, then make the change :P

But then you couldnt automate the mode for cool tricxx ;(

Actually you could… turn one on, turn the other off, and swap the send-effect number on the velocity device ;)

Yeah, that sounds like something i really want to do to avoid having a toggle on a generic envelope device :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: