Like & Dislike

Love: all sequencer/ pattern command functions, sample editor, sample offset, cabinet simulator, ring mod.

Dislike: instrument editor (esp. weak filters / envelopes, resampling, no velocity), lack of offset precision, most native dsp / effects (esp. reverbs) except those above.

But hey, that’s what VST/AU support is for i guess…


Like: LFO, Hydra, Signal Follower, Velocity, (Basically all routing/meta devices), Themes

Dislike: No automation of pitch/filter on instruments (unless someone can help me with that), Disk operations sluggishness

Lol, obviously you guys haven’t found the TURBO button on the diskop! It’s next to the Moar Cowbell Button.

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Pattern commands/FX column

Sequence matrix (not feeling like a finished feature)

Like: current features
dislike: missing features that are normal for other DAW’s.
talking about: midi handeling, clock to more than one external devices, network drive handeling through diskop.

Unfortunately even the turbo button doesn’t stop Renoise from initializing the content of every song present in a folder, maybe if it would only browse the ‘insides’ when pressing the ‘+’ button next to a song it would remove a lot of the sluggishness?

LIKE: almost everything is great!!!

DISLIKE: buggy (terrible) vibrato command!!!, no tremelo command!!!, lack of accuracy for 09xx command!!! also, i’d like to be able to do smooth filter sweeps by pattern cammands alone without using the automation window. (at the moment sounds choppy, only one value per line)

(for vibrato and tremelo, milkytracker is still better than renoise!)

if by “buggy” you mean that XM/IT compatibility is bad, then give up on it: it won’t change.

if else, please specify what you mean: is there something behaving differently from what you expected?

@ It-alien: My problem with the vibrato command is not to do with xm compatibility. Perhaps i went a bit too far to say that the vibrato command is terrible. but there does seem to be a problem with it as mentioned here:

it basically cycles out of time with the pattern. one of the values for the vibrato command is supposed to be rate of cycling in ticks but it doesnt seem to stay in time with the actual tick rate in the pattern. Because the vibrato command has this problem i tried to create vibrato by using instrument editor LFO on pitch which uses multiples of 15 to get the vibrato cycles in time (instead of multiples of 2 [if ticks per line is at 12] ). it seems like the vibrato is based on the same values but the largest value i can enter in vibrato command is F (15) with only one digit availiable for rate. i hvent tried this yet so ill try it later and post again to say whether it is in time with a valu of F for rate.

ive mentioned this vibrato problem quite a lot on the renoise forums, so sorry if im getting annoying repeating it all the time. im just confused by vibrato command behaviour and i really want to use vibrato but im not satisfied if it cycles out of time as , even though its a subtle thing, it makes the whole song sound a little bit wrong in my opinion. if anyone knows how to get vibrato to cycle perfectly in time with the pattern please let me know as i am desperate to use vibrato (by commands, not LFO’s and automation)…sorry for all my whining about this.


Like? Loooove :D
The Renoise forum :)
The splendid work on 2.6 and all the new tools for it!

Dont like:
The dislike of this thread which becomes another feature request but inside a long forum post ;)

Like: Renoise ability to make songs

Dislike: My disability to make songs

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Like: Being able to play song by use of spacebar in record mode.

Dislike: The lack of “press character button -> direct search” in diskbrowser, annoying when you got 100+ beats and stuff wich has to be searched manually.

LIKE: Midi mappings

DISLIKE: Absence of Global Mappings > Seq. Muting > Seq. XX [Set] > Seq. ### > Current Track !!!

Also I wish I could map go to previous/next row in pattern editor for editing notes just by my midi controller. (One button for moving up, one for down.)

I like making music on renoise.
I dislike working with midi files on renoise.


  • Pattern Matrix
  • Default Song
  • DSP Chain
  • Metronome won’t follow the Automatic PDC. and out of sync. So i never use PDC anymore
  • Disk op
  • Master Spectrum (terrible accuracy, useless)


  • Sample Editor
  • autoseek
  • LFO


  • guessing the right number in the effect column( trigger sample effect is good b/c I know which what hex I want by looking at the sample editor)
  • not knowing what dc offset does
  • can’t use pitch in automation (at least haven’t figured it out)

Like: MIDI mapping, send/LFO device

Dislike: I cant work with mp3 files in Renoise 2.0

like: everything Renoise RIGHT NOW!

dislike: the pianoroll discussions in the ideas section.

Why don’t you upgrade to 2.6 then? Works fine with mp3 files.