Windows Network Drive Spin Up Problem

More likely has to do with the way Windows 7 handles the connection.

But I have a server that spins down the drives after some time when not used.
When I click on the drive it lets the drive spin up again.
But Renoise refuse to show the drive inside Renoise.
It only re appears when you access it to the file drop down menu.

It’s not a real bug I guess but really frustrating


Thanks for reporting this. Will take a look at this, and see if we can do something here.

In the meanwhile:

  • alt tab away from and back again to Renoise OR
  • right click in the browser -> click on “refresh”

should do the job to get the content back.

Sorry, but I simply can’t replicate this here and I can’t “fix” or “hack” something blindly in this case. I also wonder how we could fix this: Windows and your network card drivers are mainly responsible for this, so lets try finding a solution there and not in Renoise?

In the network card’s properties in the Device Manager is an option to prevent the PC from shutting off the network card to save power.
Maybe this also avoids that windows shuts of the network drives? Have you already tried this?

Sorry, I think otherwise, Windows explorer does it right and also the drop down “file>new song” does it right.
the only way it doesn’t work is via the diskop (disk browser as called now).

I figured one thing out that may help you out: the diskop only works only when you accessed the drive via the drop down “file>new song” way.
this is the case after Renoise is started and before Spin up of the NAS server. hope this makes any sense to you


Ok I will add some pics to point out what’s wrong.
First the situation where I let see that I’ve activated the drive in windows, browsed on it and it seems to do it’s job there:

Now I’m going to click the drive in the ‘file>open song’ menu

the diskop now finally knows the drive is there.

Dr. Drips: Have you tried this? This should avoid that the drive gets disabled at all, thus you also don’t have to spin it up again.
Would be great if we manually could enforce such drives to spin up, but I simply have no clue how…

that’s not it. I chose to make the drives spin down after some hours so i don’t have to do this manually at nights and when I am from home.
and besides that Ableton, Cubase, filezilla (ftp) do make it spin up when accessed.

but it’s not that Renoise can’t spin up the drive, it’s more that it’s not 1 on 1 with windows explorer.
‘Load song’ does spin up the drives when clicked, but this is necessary to let Renoise ‘Know’ that the drive is there and active. as long this isn’t the case, the diskop will simply not show the drive.