Like Wavestation Wavesequencing

Hi, it will be very good if the instruments will be capable of “sequencing” the sample inside it, like korg wavestation.
There will be an option to enable waveseq., and the choose of what samples play in what order and what duration…


Yes, automation control for instruments and their samples would be awesome. Maybe if the instrument control meta device could also control XRNI’s and not just VST instruments you could accomplish this through automation.

You can sort of get a wave sequencing effect through using multiple tracks with Gainer devices controlled by Hydras to give the cross fading effect, these can then be automated or controlled with XY devices and/or LFO’s. See the attached file for an example.

It would be really cool if you could do this within an instrument rather than across a load of tracks.

if you were able to automate loop start (and keep the same lenght) you can then do some kind of wavetable stuff. this would be so cool and probably doable now that we have more option for pattern command

Love the Wavestation vsti but I always thought Korg missed a trick by not adding an option to load your own sounds into it. Being able to achieve a similar result in Renoise would indeed be fabulous - there’s not really very many wavesequencing softsynths out there and IMHO the tracker interface is perfect for this type of programming.