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What I wanted to know out of curiosity, is there any reason why renoise is theoretical limited to 32 BPM, while it is still possible to achieve lower bpms using the above “hack”?

i know this is separate from your question of curiosity, but isn’t this hack also a bit pointless? is there really any practical use for having renoise run slower than 32 bpm/speed 31? at speeds these low its more a question of quantising than the actual ‘beats per minute’… the only use i can think of would be a competition to prove you can make breakcore at speeds lower than 999bpm speed 1. :P


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On 200 LPB, 20BPM can make quite a bit of sense. :P

Then again, the question is not whether there is point for it, the question is, WHY exactly is there the 32BPM limit in the first place?

That’s because in Germany, BPMs under 32 are exclusively reserved for Oberinspektor Derrick’s tracks. Trust me.

Probably because the lower 31 figures were assigned to another command in older versions of Renoise. (Like LPB/BPM would be arranged using the same command whereas the first 31 were for LPB or tick and the upper for BPM)
But actually it looks like a bug, since the pattern effect description on the status bar says “Set BPM 01-ff, 00 stops song”
So you should in reality be able to set it to 01.

these sort of limitations should be removed.

Answer: Legacy code. Old pattern commands reserved from 0-31 in hex for the speed… leaving 32-255 in hex for bpm

Ok, setting the bpm is limited by code not longer necessary, but isn’t it really strange that this limit can be overcome by rewire?

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in earlier versions, the BPM value influenced GUI responsiveness: if you pressed a button, the response time depended on the BPM value: the lower the BPM, the higher the response time. That’s why 32 was set as an acceptable lower bound even when F0xx command was split in F0xx and F1xx.

Now indeed it would be time to remove this limit

Feature request: 0bpm plz

That feature has just been removed… (if your soundcard driver was not accessible you got 0bpm)


Thanks for clearing that out

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