Line In Device Behavior


Say I have a Line-In device in every track. When recording in the sample editor, wouldnt it make sense to be able to select WHICH line-in-device we’re going to be recording from, if any? This would make much more sense than having to go through each track in the mixer and disabling the line-in-devices that we dont want.

I would think that the new little drop down list that lists tracks would do that, but it doesnt seem to. What does that dropdown list do???

When you enter recording mode in the Sample Editor, a dropdown appears for selecting your input. Works a treat here. Why do you have to disable the other #Line-In Devices?

the sample editor input is not depending on the line-in devices in your tracks.
It takes the input of your physical soundcard inputs.

with the dropdown menu that shows the tracknames you can select a dsp chain you want to aply on your recording.

There are two dropdowns, one like you mentioned (which processes the input with the selected tracks’ DSP Chain), and another one to select inputs.

The line-in device is deactivated when you start recording in the sample editor.
To have an ensured example, try vocoding your voice with an instrument on a track using line-in device and try to record that to the sample editor and you will notice this won’t work.
(there is a way round though and the solution is called senderella)


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So the line-in-device is only used for real time monitoring of the audio input through an effects chain. Gotcha.

Thanks everyone!

There is still the little problem of having multiple line-in-devices throughout the track … they all work simultaneously. If you want to be sure that you’re only listening to one, you need to go through and disable all the rest.

Maybe inserting a new line-in-device should set to the same input should disable all other devices of the same input?

It depends, if you want to have different fx chains applied to the line-in device there are a few possibilities:

  • using one line-in device on track x add an y-amount of senddevices and then drop your fx chains on the send-channels and then activate/deactivate the sendchannel devices

  • Using more line-in devices across multiple tracks using different fx chains and activate/deactivating the line-in devices by pattern effect command (xf00)
    And what if you want to process two different chains on the same signal simultaneously?

If the line-in devices would be disabled by default, this would become very irritating in that situation because how can you turn on two line-in devices at the same time if the other of them is constantly turned off?

vvoise: the converse is equally irritating.

If you DON’T want your signal going through all the line in devices, you have to go through each track and turn them off. Even then, you might have overlooked one.

I’m not suggesting that the other line-in-devices are permanently off, but are only checked off. Maybe this should be handled by a dialog box asking to “turn off all other line in devices”. Or, maybe there should be a little “line-in-device manager” interface - essentially a list of line in devices with check marks.

Really though, can you think of a situation where you would want your signal going through 2 tracks, when in the end this result cannot be recorded anyway since you’re limited to selecting only a single track in that little drop down menu?

That leads me to another point: that drop down menu to select the fx chain of a given track seems to defeat the purpose of the line-in-device. The power of the line-in-device is in the ability to place it anywhere in the FX chain. Selecting a track in the drop down menu uses the entire DSP chain, or am I wrong on this?

If your sound-card has multiple inputs, they become available choices. Not everyone has only 1 input source.

I would route a signer through a few columns during a live performance so I can tweak their vocal in real time by muting columns. I could route two turntables through 2 or more columns when playing a show (use it as a mixer with built in effects)… The possibilities are there.

I’m also guessing that this is the groundwork to get some decent multi-track DAW at a later release. But it’s available in this form now, mostly for live situations.

Well, having them auto-unchecked (bypassed) is not impossible, as the exact same event happens to senddevices if it’s related sendtrack is being removed (the senddevices are auto bypassed);
But Conner makes the point i was aiming at as well:if your audiocards have multiple in-channels you could route different in channels using the same line-in device, it is not limited by just routing your line-in signal, it is limited by what your soundcard can offer.
I don’t have an exact image of the line-in showing multiple ins but i have an image that shows you the ASIO ins of the sample editor’s recorder and this list is exactly the same in the line-in device…

On a similar topic:
It’s not possible to select the bit depth of the recording, right?

It would make sense to me, tho. Perhaps as a general preference.

ps. I know it can be changed afterwards. That’s useful, too.

Actually, i don’t know exactly, i believe default recording is 32 bit float or 32 bit. (at least i expect this by default since rendering does this by default as well)