Line-in -> Render To Sample

it’s not a big deal for now, I can record the sample from sample editor, but it could be very comfortable to enable the render to sample from the line in device, thanks :)

+1 it would be useful (for me)

just curious … render line-in to sample? in what situation would that be a needed or even possible feature? I mean, line-in device is used for live/external input right… do you mean for rendring external synths?

exacly, suppose you have a synth, you poke the synth with renoise and you have line in that is pumping audio to renoise, so you want to render your masterpiece sample. atm I have to Rec the sample in the sample editor, but render to sample would be more comfortable

If you want to render incoming audio using a particular track’s effects, you can also tag the fx button in the sample editor.

Rendering is still an offline process that can be performed in some cases quicker than in live mode (and thus have a faster output result than processing the audio live, as you request here).

I see no reason why it cant be done. I remember i was asking for that feature few month ago…

Can you tell the sense of having line-in device then ?

maybe a good place to spam my forgotton topic about the recording box:…c=17721&hl=
how would you like that?

processing live feeds with own internal or VST effects.

Just out of curiousity :
What is the difference between recording the line-in device and recording directly in the sample editor using a specific track’s effects set?
The only thing i can think of is that you can put the line-in device in between effects that won’t be taken into account.

one useful thing is to make Render to song and have it recorded by renoise without recurring to ardour! ;)

Yes, but why if you can’t record it ? Having it in the dsp chain, when you can’t make use of it is completely illogical…

i’ve mentioned the way to do this about… 2 times in this thread?

Let me summarize the option for you:

Where the “No FX” dropdown is listed above, you can pick a track and the FX chain of that track will be applied to the feed that you record

I assume you only want the external audio recorded, not the internal.
(would also be impossible because of the digital feedback that is caused)

Ok i am sorry.

But still i see no point of having line-in device in chain if it is disabled while recording…

Also compensate line-in & out latencies arent working… i always had to cut samples manually