Line Input

Hi everyone,
Why has the Line Input module been discarded from the list of native plug-ins in the 3.0 ? It was a really useful feature to automate some FX on some hardware sources you don’t want to sample at the beginning of the writing of a new song.
Is it a feature that will be put back into Renoise ? If not, does someone know why it has been cut out ?

If you are using Linux, it’s a bug:

It will be fixed in the next bugfix cycle.

It’s temporary: see [thread!]( p 303037 hl %2Bline+%2Binput fromsearch 1#entry303037) :)

Less than a minute, Conner_Bw. Less than a minute faster.

Nice, thank you ! It seemed strange to me to get rid of it :confused:

You’re on Linux I’m guessing?

It has been reported and subsequently fixed.

Edit: flol

Dang. We’re fast, guys.

Conner_Bw is fast. I’m fast. You’re SLOW!


Sending live input to the Convolver :panic:

Fixed in 3.0b2