jack and midi

Hi Guys,

experimenting with my linux setup here.
I am running a few windows-vsti with fsthost/jack and rout them back to renoise.

Atm, I am trying to figure out how to add more than one midi-out-port to renoise, so I can actually remote more than one vsti.

If I remember correctly, I already got this working once, but I just cannot remember how I did this.

Anyone with a hint?

Regards, Chris

P.S.: spend an hour looking for the line-in-routing device in beta 3.0. Its a bug, haha, its fixed, but backstage is down atm.

A well, I figured it out myself.

One has to load the appropriate kernel module, sbd-virmidi, to add more virtual midi ports.

To achieve that, do sudo modprobe snd-virmidi.

If one needs more than four, add enable=1,1 with a ‘1’ for every four ports.

Make these alsa-driven ports visible to jack by starting a2jmidid, all as user.

I then wired everything, that is renoise, the vstis from fsthost and the midi-ports, using qjackctl or patchage.

That’s all folks :)

FIY, I’m on Archlinux and installed everything (fat) above via yaourt.

Cheers, Chris

Last I remember, a simpler method is to use snd_seq_dummy:

sudo modprobe snd-seq-dummy ports=4  

This should work straight in qjackctl/patchage (a2jmidid not needed).
Then, once you’re happy with the results, pass the parameters on boot in /etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf:

options snd_seq_dummy ports=4