Link parameters using the mouse

Right now, I have to scroll through dozens and dozens of tracks to find one of dozens of devices to link my signal follower output into the right input.

Why not add a little box on to the meta devices that enable you to just click on those and then select the parameter you want to modulate? Perhaps, if you’ve selected that box, you can just click on the automation box to link the paramters? Going through long lists is a bit of a workflow killer and feels somewhat superfluous.

Until a new version appears where the routing of “CV” might be updated/improved, for 2.8, have you tried my two tools that are concerned with this mouse selection in the dropdown lists?

  • MetaMicro (forum thread) - enables you to quickly set most *MetaDevice destinations with only keyboard (set keyboard shortcut in prefs first)
  • Lord Of The Things (forum thread) - enables to set all 9 *Hydra destinations from GUI somewhat, like you say. Still in beta phase, as it’s currently possible only one time to select a destination effect by mouse and then you have to close and reopen the tool (also, remember to set the keyboard shortcut before use)