New Tool Beta (2.8): Meta Micro

Inspired by this topic, but my problem was at first that selecting a meta device destination routing is REALLY tedious, at the point where if I need to select a Hydra’s Input (very often), I’ll remember to not touch any of the ‘Parameter’ options in the list with mouse cursor so I can still use the ‘arrow down, enter’ shortcut. This tool is supposed to grow into a way to improve this workflow with all the possibilities xrnx has to offer. Right now you can:

  • bind a shortcut (advised)
  • select a meta device
  • press shortcut key
  • select track (up/down, search works pretty much like in SirDancelot)
  • press right, select device (by default the device directly following the *meta device is selected)
  • press right, select param (again, search works in all of these and are remembered per-field, delete key empties query string)
  • press right (or tab actually), select minimum, you can also type a value in percent
  • idem dito for maximum
  • set with enter, or
  • cancel with esc

notice please that at this point, the tool will translate the min/max values for an LFO, that is, set offset to (max-min)/2+min and amp to (max-min). There’s an upgrade planned where a key like space (haven’t decided yet) will ‘switch mode’ so you could specify offset and amp manually. Also… there’s no saying as to what this thing will do with hydra or xypad atm, all in the plans, don’t worry. veltracker, keytracker, sigfollow should work though.
3831 nl.jeweett.MetaMicro_Rns280_V0.3.xrnx

First steps for v0.3:

  • default active tab is parameter

v0.4 ideas:

  • add new shortcut for more advanced dialog “modulate this device with a new metadevice to be specified”
  • open for suggestions
  • please report any parameters for which the calculation in this tool or the hydra manager tool is incorrect!

Finally for v1,0:

  • merge with Hydra Manager tool to allow about everything to be modulated more easily with both keyboard and mouse

The idea is to make a tool that makes it possible to “UberMicro” the FX chain, in combination of course with the SirDancelot thingy.

Question: if I do this really decently, would Renoise users be willing to pay for this even if it’s obviously open source? :)/>

Cool, great idea, routing modulations is quite tedious at the moment.

I found a bug though, I did the following steps:

  • bind a shortcut (advised) - select a meta device - press shortcut key - select track (up/down)

Pressing the down cursor key at this point throws up this error:

Suggestion: It would be cool if you could right click any device control name and assign it to a meta device via a sub menu selection process.

hmm, that is QUITE weird, as I was positively quite sure that I was able to do that last time I checked (before I uploaded) but anyway post 1 has new version now.

I consider that backwards-routing. Also, it’s impossible to check the “currently selected” device parameter except in the automation editor which is even more backwards.

(for me) Very necessary update to be found at MetaMicro_Rns280_V0.3.xrnx
Changes: finally supports actually routing to “(CT)” aka Current Track. I’ve had some issues with the 0.2 version when one copy/pastes a chain in the mixer view… So now Current Track is supported.