Linux: R3.2.1 (Nov.7.2019) empty instrument plugin list

Hello! New to Renoise, glad to be learning!

My build of Renoise seems to be unable to find (or at least, display…?) any VST instruments I have on my system. I have tried fixing my $VST_PATH variable to no avail. The plugin dropdown list remains purely blank, with no text displayed at all.

I installed v3.1.1, and my instruments are displayed and working as expected. So, for now, I’ve began using 3.1.1.

I’m running Manjaro Linux, with the 5.0.5-arch1-1-vfio kernel.

Thanks for any help, and loving the software aside from this hiccup!!

Of course, immediately upon posting this, I found the issue.

The dropdown list works properly if I move the Renoise window to my system’s “main” monitor. Instruments are displaying and working as normal.

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