Linux: R3.2.2 empty instrument plugin list

The ‘solution’ mentioned here is merely a workaround:

Has anyone found a solution to this, or, is one on the way?

Linux Mint (Ubuntu 20.04) with Cinnamon
Renoise 3.2.2
4 displays

How exactly are you setting $VST_PATH? To be sure it’s picked up by Renoise export it in a terminal session and run renoise from there.

or via

VST_PATH="/some/path;/another/one" renoise

in the terminal.

Alternatively, install your plugins in any of the the default VST_PATH locations


The Renoise log file will mention/show the VST path it’s looking for plugin as well, so you can double check it’s correct.

the VST_PATH environment variable is not the problem… I thought it was originally… which is how I found the afformentioned post… but as that post indicates, the problem is when the Renoise main window is not on a particular monitor.

I have 4 monitors attached to a single Nvidia 1050 Ti. Three 1080 displays on [HDMI-1, HDMI-2, DisplayPort] and a 1280x1024 display on DVI. The default monitor as configured in the OS is the one on the DisplayPort. Renoise only shows the list when the list would be displayed on the 1280x1024 monitor. If I move Renoise partly between the 1280x1024 monitor and the 1080 monitor below it, the list is limited in size to the rest of the vertical space on the 1280x1024, and does not extend onto the 1080 display.