Linux: Resource library instruments sample sounds dont play well

Im new, so im not sure if something is wrong but…when im left clicking on some of the instruments like bass, to hear the sound, it just does a tiny noise but no bass sound. is this known? how do I hear the actual sounds of the sample. this is happening to quite a few sounds. most i hear its like 30% of them that doesnt play anything or just a pop sound like.



My guess is that the samples you try to prehear are looping samples that are actually very short. When you prehear such a sample you won’t hear it looping.

Open the samples in the sample editor and you will see how large it is and if it’s set to loop.

Using the file browser to prehear samples, right?

Like Bellows said, I think the reason you’re hearing a tiny noise is that the sample is actually just a single cycle/oscillation. In other words, a VERY short sound

So, you will need to load it (double-click the file) and possibly, loop it, before you can actually play it for a sustained amount of time.

If it’s a quality source, the sample is already looped. And with default settings, Renoise will recognize this on import

Otherwise, you will have to enable looping each time you load the sample, or check out some of the approaches mentioned in this thread

@danoise, if what you guys say is correct, this is poor user experience no? I mean if im in the sampler and I click on a sound and im supposed to hear a sound, if it is known the sound will not play why not show an "x or an icon of some kind that gives a new user a heads up that we are going off script? New users are supposed to all go to the forum to find this out? Its either a bug or poor application design. Im in the trial phase and that is not encouraging me to pay for this.

thanks though

btw, you guys are right. If I double click I can then play the sample by holding the z key/ thanks

How this is poor user experience is beyond me, i can’t imagine how you came to that conclusion?

When you click a sample this is exactly what you want to determine what kind of sample it is. The possibility to loop samples and prehear samples before you load them are features, not problems.

This is the first time i have experienced someone asking about this on the forum, so it’s definately not a problem for most people.