Linux Vst Directory

I seem to be doing everything as suggested in this FAQ, have three VST folders /usr/lib/vst, /usr/local/lib/vst and ~/.vst. I set up VST_PATH as told, but when I do echo $VST_PATH it’s still empty.

Moreover, I copied some free VSTi’s to all those folders AND the default ./home/vst folder, but STILL Renoise can’t find any instruments!

Renoise LOG> VSTPlugs: VST_PATH environment variable not set. Using '/usr/lib/vst:/usr/local/lib/vst:~/.vst'...  
Renoise LOG> VSTPlugs: Searching for new VST plugins in '/usr/lib/vst/'...  
Renoise LOG> VSTPlugs: Searching for new VST plugins in '/usr/local/lib/vst/'...  
Renoise LOG> VSTPlugs: Searching for new VST plugins in '/home/oleksus/.vst/'...  

And nothing! Although there ARE dll’s present in all these folders, and they’re free, meaning they need no installation.

What can be the problem here?

Linux VST are not .DLL files: they are .SO files instead; you are trying to load Windows VST plugins under Linux, which is not possible in a straightforward way: you should use an emulator but it’s really not recommended to do so.

try MDA VST collection for Linux, it’s freeware

Oh… :unsure: So, that’s what the problem is…

Hmm. Now I DO think that it’s a good idea to include support for Buzz machines. This way one single license provides a heckuva lot of synths and generators. I mean Renoise SHOULD have at least some generators. Because fx are a lot, while generators are - zilch. :huh:

Or we just have to motivate the commercial plug developers to try and create some Linux ports of their own work.
Specially those producers who have a Mac port of their product should be capable of making a Linux port without too much fuzz.
Because there is hardly any available VST plugin on Linux does not grant a good excuse for Buzz machines. You can still assemble your own internal instruments in Renoise itself. Don’t forget the Renoise internal instrument structure will be getting a complete overhaul and i suspect (read:i hope) this will come within the upcoming year and a half.

In the world of Linux, you don’t ask. You code it yourself! :)

Programming a synth behavior (instead of playing with prerendered waves) is way more fun, less space consuming and much more creative. Why should I keep a few dozen bulky samples of the same note if I can code it’s behaviour in a single column? Sometimes sample wielding is better for certain resulsts. But a synth is a MUST have.

Oh yes, it damn well does. To “wait” until some devs conjure up some basic generators seems far less promising than taking a couple hundred ready to use machines with a single licence. Besides, some of those machines are way too cool in their own right, and there’s no similar thing in VST. Trust me on this.

Do you chisel your own guitars too? Or maybe build your own microchips from silicon waffles? Well, good for you. I code my music, not necessarily the tools themselves. B)

mmm waffles

oleska, your point of view is understandable and clear, but unfortunately we have to cope with reality: there won’t be BUZZ support in Renoise because BUZZ’s author has rejected the money offer he received, and he didn’t this because it was not enouigh money (which would be in his style, anyway), but for personal reasons. Yes, you have to give him money in order to be able to use free machines which have been donated by people who took great effort and much spare time to code them.

moreover, don’t expect that some coder will ever try to create a BUZZ wrapper for Linux for two main reasons:

  1. read above
  2. this is not going to work

There has been a very tough debate about adding buzz support in Renoise and IT-alien summarized the whole queue, there will never come native support for Buzz machines in Renoise. End of story.

With Loomer’s Aspect and DiscoDSP’s Discovery both working well as Linux VSTs who needs Buzz machines?

Even the MDA plugins can take you pretty far.

It would be nice to have something along the lines of the Ableton simpler built in though.

I’m pretty sure the tool in this case is the computer…

Furthermore, I use OS X. I pay a little more, and am frustrated a little less? :)

Renoise supports third party plug-ins. A lack of third party plug-ins are the fault of third parties not coding them. You’re basically asking for a change because you changed platforms, yet the limitations were clear from the start.

Many people who switch from Windows to Mac get the same kick in the ass when they realize there are less plug-ins than before.

I do agree that Renoise should have a built in synth. No objections from me on that point.

Anyway, it was a joke.

The fact remains, Linux is a choice with freedom and consequences. Coding goes further. Check out Buzztard, maybe?

Perhaps some dev could take a tip from LMMS and make a VST handler for Renoise that would load Windows VSTi through Wine? LMMS seems to handle them fine running through Wine, and I just can’t give up my Jazz Baby right now.

No, in Ubuntu Linux you go to #ubuntu and ask and someone who remembers someone having the same problem will help you. Or you do some creative googling. That’s why I don’t go and install the latest OS right away… I wait for someone else to find the bugs so they can answer my questions. :D

Well, LMMS is open source, in that option, Taktik could always take a sneak peak in the code how it is being done.

Or you can post your problem on the Ubuntu forum and getting a lot of “Yeah i have that problem too” replies but no answer at all :P

That’s the reason I didn’t mention the forum. :P

But the forum is helpful if you happen to get there by googling your problem.

Perhaps if there is no legal issue, include Synth1 in the Renoise code somehow? You can make almost anything with Synth1, and it has tons of presets people have already made for it.

But… no, that’s a VSTi, a .dll for Winblows. Never mind. Maybe recreate the sound shapers Synth1 has, and allow the Renoise imitator to use Synth1’s presets?

Well, there is in fact quite a nice way around it.
The original commercial buzzlib has a free alternative, which is called Armstrong(formery known as ‘zzublib’). People use it to make buzz clones, like Aldrin without having to pay buzz developer.

It is absolutely possible to take the free sourcecode of several (most polished) buzz-generators and compile them for Renoise. That way we’ll have awesome synths in Renoise, for free!
The abovementioned Buzztard has those machine sources available for download.

the project you have linked is protected by GPL license, this means that Renoise should be open source (which does not necessarily mean no-cost) in order to use Armstrong’s code.

see here

Oh, ok, I see.

Well, does anyone know ANY vst or ladspa synth generator, which can work natively under Linux? I tried searching KVR and all I found were just FX, no synths.

LADSPA is a FX-only standard.

for VST, check out this site or DiscoDSP offerings.

Also these: