Linuxsampler 1.0.0

Linuxsampler went 1.0.0 on October 16. “This is the first release which allows the sampler to be used as audio host plugin, namely supporting the standards VST, AU, DSSI and LV2.”

It seems none of the binary builds on the website include vst. Some include LV2 but Renoise doesn’t support this (yet?).

I managed to compile the latest cvs version and load the vst in renoise 2.5b4. It loads, but opening the external gui either segfaults renoise, or opens a minimal frozen window with no content, so I can’t add load any samples.

Has anybody got it working? It would make a great improvement to the very limited world of linux vsti:s…

What changes have you made to qsampler to make it work?

I haven’t used qsampler. If you look at the source for linuxsampler, you will see that it can be configured and built producing plugins for various formats (vst, lv2, dssi etc).

So more specifically, I pulled libgig and linuxsampler from cvs, built and installed libgig and then linuxsampler, copied the resulting to my vst-directory, and loaded the vst in renoise.

To enable vst-support in linuxsampler, all you have to do is add the vstsdk path to configure, in my case:

./configure --enable-vstsdk-dir=/home/johan/projects/VST/vstsdk2.4/  

Okay, how does it submits it’s parameters?
If there is no interface, Renoise its own interface should pop up.
I however have no idea if Renoise would provide objects for things like loading samples into the plugin its own library… so i guess you need to built some GU interface around it to get that working for real.

Apparently there is at least an attempt to create a UI-interface since a new minimal X-window is created, and not the default renoise config with sliders.

I have posted to the board @, but no reply. The last activity in that forum appears to have been > 1 month ago, so I’m not highly optimistic of a quick response…

My posting here is to check if anybody else is experimenting like I am, and has possibly gotten it to work. I can’t see why they would announce 1.0.0 with VST-support without it working, but stranger things have happened…

The only one i can mention fast is KraKen. He has done a lot of stuff on Linux regarding porting of VST plugins to Linux.
I have no idea if there are more Linux programmers around.

I’ve been checking the src and it seems there is no GUI implemented for Linux, it’s #IFDEF WIN32 only. I’ll take this to the LinuxSampler developers and see what can be done. In case of success, I’ll report back!