Live Drumming To Venetian Snares "Gentlemen"

I don’t think anyone has posted this here yet, so I bring you… live drumming to “Gentlemen”, by Venetian Snares. Enjoy!

Note: If someone has already posted this here, then… enjoy! Again!

While I hate breakcore, this is actually pretty awesome.


I wonder if Mr. Funk has seen this

Hoho, sweet. :P


Hah, that’s awesome! Even though I dislike oldskool UK breakbeat, this I like a lot!

How does he remember all the rolls and thrills? It’s really amazing.


pretty cool. would be nice to hear the track without the vsnares underneath it though too. i think its quite interesting how there are quite a lot of people trying to play this sort of stuff on real drums, would definitely be cool to hear these sort of beats in original compositions of a live jazz type context of something. i’m learning the drums myself but its pretty hard, couldn’t conceive of even attempting something by vsnares… hard enough to programme drums like that let alone play them in real-time… dubstep is much easier to do ;)

This guy does amazingly better than the drummer from Dillinger Escape Plan does on Come to Daddy

hmm, don’t know about that… that track is pretty solid

[This guy does amazingly better than the drummer from Dillinger Escape Plan does on Come to Daddy]
better than the badplus cover of FLIM too

Seems to me the drummer misses the majority of the snare action in the studio version, though perhaps that’s due to shitty mixing… but the drums in the live version are far from having the same intensity as the original. Granted, it’s better than I could ever do… but it’s quite plain to see that this dude playing with vsnares is significantly more on cue.

TOO MUCH JAZZ SWING :o … though it gets better as the track goes on

you may be right, i haven’t got that track to hand now to compare… but thats kinda why i wanted to hear the vsnares track without venetian snares underneath it, because it makes it harder to hear the snares which he doesn’t play, not to mention the feel and dynamics and stuff.

Wicked stuff. Would like to know if he’s in any band at the moment and what part of UK he heralds from.

Maybe not quite as tight but this guy’s stuff seems pretty wicked too.

Drumming over a different V.Snares tune.

Probably because they’re a Jazz trio.

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, playing most breakcore on a drum set isn’t that hard; it’s just fast. The fact that it’s mostly cymbal/snare/bass makes it way less complicated. I definitely think it’s impressive that the guy in the video matched the recording so perfectly, though. That would have taken a lot of work to get to the point where you would be able to remember the order of every change exactly.

(I should also probably mention that I’ve been playing drums for more than half of my life, so maybe I’m using a different scale.)

And that my dear sirs, is the drumkit I’ve got my name from. Funny to see it show up like this, I’ve been fiddling around with that module last two days again :lol:

He’s just banging toms and snares …what’s the deal :rolleyes: