Live Jam Recording To Multiple Tracks

Hey guys,

I’m a not so bad keyboard player and I like to record my melodies at the same time as my accompaniment, this allows for dynamic changes on the fly and really is my preferred way of composing. Now after trying to make a setup that would allow me to record my left and right hands separately to different tracks with a few programs and with no success I figured I may ask here and hopefully get some useful input.

Basically all I want is a program that will allow me to split my midi keyboard into 2 halves and record each half to a different track, hopefully I can then convert these tracks to midi and then bring them back to renoise.

Old post, but it came up while I was searching for something else. So, for others who might find this post with the same question:

I think what the OP wanted is what I was looking to do. My question (and resolution) is here:

Indeed, the topic linked to above explains how to redirect MIDI by channel and/or note range.

So you can do a keyboard split by assigning different note-ranges to two different instruments in the Renoise MIDI > input tab.

Once set up, you can save the configuration as a template song. This will restore the song (including your two instruments) the next time you start Renoise.

Another approach would be to use the Duplex Keyboard. Once configured then you can simply start Renoise and it will be ready to use.

But, if the desired configuration is not available out of the box (there are only a few different examples of keyboard splits) then… hmm, well, feel free to ask :slight_smile: