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Hmmm so i guess you mean run them via Reaper as an ASIO hub or something right ?
That is the only way i know of that two apps can share one ASIO card reliably

How well does two instances of Renoise react to MIDI control too ?
Oh by the way beat matching isn’t an issue for me believe me ;)


No ASIO drivers here, DirectX gives me a good enough latency and I don’t need the track-routing feature.

Perfect, in my experience! CC#1 can control something in Renoise instance A, and CC#2 can control Renoise instance B, no problem whatsoever.

I’ve made some live crossfading patches using PD, I could share them if you’re interested?

I’m interested!

i just got plogue bidule,and i have mnearly completed a live enviroment all in bidule.

maybe i should try to see if i can make one with renoise rewired to plogue

for this task what would be best

renoise as master or slave??

try both i think, it should be easy to get both set up and see what works. i went with master because i wanted to use the renoise effects on my max msp instruments and mix everything in renoise, so you can think of max as an instrument within renoise, albeit a wiley one which can also adjust parameters in renoise and do midi routings (with midi yoke). if the idea of renoise as an instrument in bidule sounds more like what your after then you probably want renoise as slave.

I’ve been exploring ways to do several things this evening without the aid of extra apps like MIDI yoke, and rewired apps etc, and managed to get some good results, so I thought I would share them with you…

Whilst running 2 instances of renoise (say for x-fading options) the following was applied:
I have a USB Korg Kontrol49 midi k/b, and a seperate delta1010 sound card, so to start, I plugged the MIDI out from my k/b into the delta’s MIDI in. I then routed MIDI ins & outs accordingly, and things worked the way they should. I can control 2 device parameters (each in seperate Renoises) with one controller, and with no noticeable lag, which is nice to know, and pretty much resolves any x-fader issues I might come across if ever I need to mix 2 tracks.
On a further note, I discovered that plugging the MIDI in directly into the MIDI out of my k/b can produce the same result, provided one renoise uses the ‘usb in’ whilst the other uses the MIDI in loop. So it appears that I’m lucky enough to have 2 seemingly independent MIDI devices in one keyboard which would prove very useful for gigs when using my laptop which has no other MIDI sockets.

Anyway, my next thing to test was my control options on a single instance of Renoise, and hope to acheive something similar to what I did with ableton as described earlier in this thread:
I like to be able to control most of Glitch whilst it sits on a send channel, so I set up 2 hydra devices to control the all 9 of the primary & secondary effect parameters, each with it’s input assigned to a fader on the k/b.
I then assigned 8 pads to the gate functions in glitch, and was pleased to see that there were no crashes like I had in ableton, and once again, everything was responsive - so major kudos to the devs for the excellent stability :)
Finally there was the matter of being able to contol the send amount of each track (all routed to the glitch send track), which worked perfectly well, but at the last hurdle, the problem became apparent… One MIDI controller needed to control 2 parameters, one being the send level, and the other being the mute/keep source (which isn’t assignable anyway). This meant the original sound would play whilst glitch did its stuff over the top which sounded a tad cluttered to say the least! Luckily, a simple workaround was made by placing yet another hydra device on each track, and assiging it’s value to the tracks send amount, and a gainer device level which was placed AFTER the send device with the min/max level value inverted.

So, a good few devices later and some tweaking has basically allowed me to have the same control as I did in Ableton without the instability which makes me very happy! The only slight niggle now is that I can’t really have the same control over 3 seperate tracks (say with breaks) with one fader, particularly as I don’t have many faders left!

The inability to load more than one song is the only limiting factor with my particular live setup now, and although it’s possible if I go through the wrigmarole of loading up a second renoise, and plugging my k/b’s in to it’s out and using a secondary midi device, the whole concept of how each track in each tune is affected starts to make my head hurt even though it works fine!

Jeez, I’ve ranted on a bit here, I was kind of typing as I did it, sorry!!

If anyone wants my plugin chains with all the glitch parameters nicely tuned for experimenting, lemme know :)

One final thing, does anyone have any info on the hex needed to send MMC controls? I’ve experimented with info I found on wiki, but it’s been a good 10+ years since I explored MIDI sysex and not had a lot of luck.

p.s. forgot about this tool we can use to MERGE songs :D

thanx genfu will try it out

And here is a basic xrns showing what I’ve done……litchchain.xrns

There’s some info in the song comment indicating which controller does what ;)

p.s. don’t forget to install glitch of course!


I’m very interested!

I’ve been using reniose live for 4 year now. Within the first month of using renoise I was jamming out with friends. I was using one pattern songs. Turning tracks on and off, beatmatching by ear( pressing space bar on the beat and moving the tempo up and down to mach up), loading samples and writing tracks on the fly, going nuts on the fx, and using vst’s and a midi keyboard. I think this is the best way to learn how to use renoise because you have to think fast and figure out how to do what you want to do as fast as you can.

Now I’m playing in 2 bands using renoise. The Megadrives and Hypnotic Buddha.

In the Megadrives, its two people using renoise and running in a 2 channel mixer. Our hole set is jamed out mixing tracks that are 1 to 3 patterns long and we match up by ear. In our album Press start we recorded 10 out of the 12 tracks live because it was easier that way.

In Hypnotic Buddha there’s a live band ( singer, bass, guitar, mandolin, drums) and me on renoise. I’m the back bone to this project, if I’m not playing they’re not playing. So to make a transition between songs effect I have 2 renoises open. Have one playing while the next song is loading in the other.

One thing I love about renoise is the low cpu so I can have all my vst’s running smoothly and not having to render them so I can have more synth action. Using renoise live has has been a long learning experiment. My advice is to constantly experiment and see what work for you. Also get your friend hoked on it and learn their tricks (that’s what they did to me).
word :ph34r:

Topic: crossfading renoise instances:

Here you go!


  1. A virtual MIDI routing device, such as MIDI Yoke
  2. PureData (the patch is made with v0.39)
  3. 2xRenoise, configured to listen to the virtual MIDI port :slight_smile:

I’ve included two Renoise DSP-chains as well - makes it a snap to “crossfade support” any song :slight_smile:

anyone done something like that with plogue bidule??

@s-n-s : the patch is really simple - look here

Great! Thanks Danoise will give it a bash!

Its even simpler in Reaper
Just rewire it or rearoute it
Reverse the MIDI control of the two channels
Then again i can throw a DJ mixer together in VST in ten minutes or something if anyone would find that even easier ;)


Tutorial video

OK so i thought screw it i’ll make the plugin fader
As usual went a bit over the top so as you can see it has auto fade and stuff too hehehe
Anyway read the read me it tells you how to set it up


feckin’ hell Bungle, you have won the internets!!! Thanks

Anyone else using the piggy aka little gptracker? I think renoise could learn some things from the no-nonsense simplicity of the arranger. Basically, it works as follows: On your main screen, you are presented with an arranger, where the tracks are displayed side-to side, and the playing cursor scrolls down. Now, in live mode, you can at any moment queue a certain track, and it will start playing in sync after one of the currently playing tracks gets to the end. I’m not the best at explaining, but it’s really simple and works extremely well. Mapping some midi control to trigger tracks would be trivial.

Have a look at the website LGPT, or look at some screens here (scroll down to “live mode”)

Such a thing could be a real inspiration for a simple arranger in renoise AND a working live mode feature.

Just my 2 cents

nice one bungle

thanx for the layout danoise,i have started on making my live set-up rewiring renoise as master bidule as slave,btw is it possible to control the sounds from bidule with pattern commands in renoise?i dont seem to be able to get it to work?? :angry: