Live "tools" Question/thoughts

I’m considering taking my music live, but I can’t find the tool that’s right for the job and I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas. I’ll try to stay on one idea and not jump around too much.

I’m looking for a VST or standalone that can cut up and rearrange beat samples in real time via a control surface. I’ve tried all the “Beat Repeater” effects in Ableton and they left quite a bit to be desired. I want something (if it exists) that can go a little further, without being much more difficult. If it’ll run as a plug in to Ableton, or even better yet, if anyone knows of or knows how I can create a Reaktor instrument that can do what I’ve set out to do, it would be the most helpful knowledge I received since learning how to properly use the 09xx effect in Renoise.

Think: Squarepusher style cut-up beats, but altered in real time. That’s basically what I’m after.

If anyone can help, thanks. :)

I’ve heard that many people use Dblue Glitch live to some extent when it comes to beat-cutting etc.
Never tried it though. Live that is. Great plugin nonetheless, check it out.

Hope this helps.

Edit: oh oh and hardware; get something with knobs, so you can twist and turn the fawk out of those plugins while you play.

Weeee!!! :w00t:

Groovy. I’ll check that out, and anything anyone else suggests.

And I have a Novation Remote Zero. Knob-O-Rama + Automap, y0! :yeah:

I’m digging the Glitch, but it’s a little TOO much.

And I can’t be everywhere at once, kaneel. :( I wish I could, but it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m just not as cut out for this stuff as I thought I was.


OSX & W32

i haven’t seen the developer Laurence Davies around here in a long time, but if you have an idea to make it better, he may implement it.

it’s a solid plugin with strength.

oh BTW, if you watch some of Squarpushers older stuff, sometimes he was cutting up dat recordings he had previously made. it wasn’t exactly live. with something like Glitch or Insta Jungle, you could always run like 4 turntables, mp3 players, gameboys, psp’s, NDS’s,bent beeps & bloops boxes, cellphones, etc. and just use the midi controller for the live edits.

a little offtopic, but this makes me see renoise could benefit from multiple input devices. hmm.

Maybe this?…are/SupaTrigga/

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m really digging the Glitch, but I’ve found that if I set a Supa Trigga on a less complex beat, then use the Glitch VIA my control surface to wring, crank, and molest a different sample, I can turn out some pretty interesting stuff…

And I can’t get the InstaJungle to do much in Ableton. Maybe I’ll try it with Nuendo or something else.

If you don’t like probability-based algorithms to mess up your flow, you should consider trying out this one. Simple, yet powerful.

I’ll definitely give it a spin. Thank you. :)

Not really what you were asking for, but I just discovered this:

It’s an Open Source DJ Mixing software for Windows, Macintosh, And Linux.