Someone Made Another Plugin

OSC Repeater
Serious beat mangling plugin. Should be pretty self-explanatory (potential bugs excluded)
This is a free beta release with no expiry date or anything, and any future plugins from me will continue to work with registered copies of Renoise.

I would like some feedback, especially as to how preset switching works, because I’ve tried a hack to allow preset change for effects.
Works for the most part, but still glitchy like hell.

Download: OSC Repeater 0.46 | some presets | screenshot

Just unzip the file, and copy it into your VST Plugins folder

Basic usage
The Repeater is a plugin in the beat-matrix/slicer category, so you’d have to understand how the matrix works. Try to start with the standard preset. It’s a diagonal line across the first 8 positions, with the sound passing through unaltered. Each delay line travel diagonally through the matrix, as indicated by the gray lines in the background.

Amplitude envelope
Every time a delay line is turned on, the ADSR envelope is triggered. The envelope has 4 parameters, attack, decay, sustain and release. The envelope stays active, as long as the next position occupies a spot on the same diagonal line as the current position.

In Freeze mode, all controls are still fully functional, but instead of using the incoming sound as source, processing is performed on the internal audio buffer. WATCH OUT! Loud feedbacks are possible!

  • Feedback: Adjust feedback amount to control how much of the buffered signal that will be sent back to itself
  • Damping: the amount of filtering applied to the frozen audio - left = no damping, 100 = full damping

The offset will allow the internal clock to be adjusted by +/- 99%. It can be used both as a creative effect, and to fix problems with latency in the incoming sound.

Gain will adjust the incoming audio level, ranging from ∞ (no audio) to +20dB. The actual value depend on the combined value of the gate-sequence gain (displayed with a dark gray color).

The ‘mix’ control will determine the wet/dry signal ration, left is full dry, while right is a fully wet signal. The envelope ‘mix’ also affects the ratio, but this control will override the envelope ‘mix’ amount at extreme positions (fully dry/wet). The mixed-in amount is displayed with a dark gray color

The lower part of the interface contain the gate sequence. Saved along with the preset, but without parameter access (you can only control them using the graphical interface). “Smooth” will determine how much the stepped envelope values are smoothed. Left is none, right is approx. 1 second smoothing. Experiment to find the value that sound the best, and introduce the least ‘clicking’ artifacts in the sound (also notice how the effect of smoothing is actually possible to see on the ‘shaded’ mix/gain control)

Tempo has two arguments:

  • Main : choose between 4/1, 2/1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16
  • Division : choose between even, dotted and triplet intervals for additional control

Sync mode
Press the small block next to “BPM” to toggle between host-synced (clock is highlighted) and internal BPM (clock is dimmed)

  • Host: the BPM and sequencer will follow the host sequencer
  • Manual: BPM is determined by the value input into the text input next to the clock. Manual start and stop buttons are displayed as well
  • Bonus feature: while manually synced, tap a number of times on the spot that says “BPM” to set the tempo

Preset switcher
In addition to responding to program change events, the internal preset switcher will allow sending program change events to the plugin, even when the host sequencer doesn’t allow sending midi data to VST effects.

Additional parameters
A number of additional parameters have been added to the plugin, which are only accessible via the host-provided GUI. These parameters are useful with external controller hardware, and provide a number of performance-friendly features:

  • Control each column separately
  • Individual control of each position in the matrix

Hardware support
Apart from being instantly useful with a large number of MIDI controllers, special hardware integration is planned for a number of devices

downloading, will report later + thanks.

coolies… looking forward to trying this when I gets home

give you a back massage for an os x version

only if it’s UB

To bring it to os x would be awesome, but yeah, so far the usual story.

osc as in oscillator, not as in open sound control right?

im loving it mmmmm, lots of fun to use, nice gui also ! thx

im loving it mmmmm, lots of fun to use, nice gui also ! thx

so how does this thing work

synthedit right ?

I’ve added some instructions on basic usage.

Downloaded this today. I’m trying to make good use of it, to figure out it’s potentials.


thanx,will check this out later today :D

I’m getting some kinda neat results but the sound keeps fading out on me? Also seems I have to keep the sustain up pretty high or I just get clicks.

I like the setup a lot but a little more explanation on what a column and row (and the selections in them) correspond to would be cool. Am I right in thinking that the selection in a column is what “slice” to play, starting with the bottom?

For OS X there’s Sonicbirth (Open Source / GPL):

It says AU, but it also does VST.

Hi, danoise. Thanks for the new plug for Renoise!!

But unfortunately, this plug cause error and freeze in Renoise here.

When I open this plug, this error message appears.

Then all functions of renoise will not react except displaying this plug’s GUI (it’s cool, though).
And when I compulsorily shut down Renoise, the audio device also die.
So I have to restart PC.

I wonder why the error does not occur in other people. Maybe Vista related? :unsure:

Well the plugin is made with synthedit , that’s for sure

Ouch, that shouldn’t happen. Is it possible for you to tell me a bit more? Did you simply open the plugin, when it crashed, or did you actually use it when it happened? What is your hard/software configuration like? Does it happen every time?

Yep, it’s a synthedit-compiled plugin with a fair amount of extra modules (CK), and some homebrewed C++ stuff on top. This means that I can’t share the source even if I wanted to (you’d have to buy a lot of software to compile this plugin succesfully).

I simply load the plugin from FX list, then this message appears. At the time, GUI operations in Renoise are still possible, though all sounds are gone(no sounds). Then if I try to delete the plugin, Renoise will become not to react at all. It doesn’t crash. So I have to force Renoise to shut down. It happens every time.

OS: Vista Home Premium SP1
CPU: Core2Duo T7500 2.20GHz
RAM: 2.00GB
Chipset: PM965 Express

I usually use SB Xtreme Audio Nootbook and ASIO4ALL for Renoise.
But even if I use on-board sound device instead or change to DirectSound device, the problem doesn’t be solved.

Loving this sweet little plug and have had not problems using it at all, thanks man!!!