Load Mixer Mappings For Novation Nocturn

I’ve bought a Novation Nocturn and it works really well with plugins. It lacks a direct connection with the Renoise mixer, but I created my personal one. In the automap interface I set the mapping to the mixer group, so that I can just press to mixer button to bring it up. Anyway, anytime I reload the song these mappings belongs to the group user. I know that some users here have a Nocturn, so, how would you do? Maybe I’m missing something.


im interested in this too,i have only used my nocturn for effects

It could be great to share our mapping somewhere.
But I can’t answer you I don’t use really much my nocturn, I think I should but I don’t take the time to.

Here I am explaining how to set up the Nocturn as a standard MIDI device:

PS: Since I wrote this, Renoise has gotten the ability to import and export MIDI mappings, so I’d recommend saving the mappings once you’re done - then, you can simply load/merge the mixer mapping into any song you like.

it would be nice to be able to record midi automations you make with the controller into renoises automation window

EDIT:just noticed i was OT sorry

It doesn’t work completely. I mean, I’m trying to save mappings for the Memory Vst. I don’t like the automap mappings, so I load the normal plugin and I create normal control change mappings. I save the xrnm file and then load it in another song with the same plugin, but the mappings don’t exist. Any idea?

And since you seem to know a bit more how the nocturn works, when I manually set my mappings I can only create new “pages”, while I’d like to have separate groups for every plugin. Suggestions?

Still working on this. Your method seems to work fine with the mixer mappings. I can save a control map and open it in other songs. That’s great. But I still have problems with plugins.

What I’m trying to do right now is to put mappings for different plugins in one page. For example, for the memory vst I need just 4 controls, so I’d like to map other stuff from other plugins so that I can use both at the same time without having to change page or else. I can do this in one song. I save the .automap file and the .xrnm, but when I create a new song and open the xrnm, the plugins have no cc mapped. Any idea why?

It seems that to do this I have to use different midi channels.

Automap settings are editable, so you could improve the VST-specific (auto)mappings that you don’t like and use the standard MIDI for mixer mappings.

Yes, you need to use the Nocturn in MIDI mode for this (== pressing the “user” button). Automapping is smart, but you can’t have more than one plugin at a time in the same “page”.

As for the “reusability” of such mappings, it’s a problem since the plugin might be in track one, two, or any instrument slot. You can import the mixer MIDI mappings, because the tracks always stay in the same position.

Isn’t there any workaround?

One possible way to “pseudo-automap” instruments is to assign your Renoise MIDI mappings to a track that contain a VST Automation device or MIDI-CC Device (whatever works best with the instrument), and then save the DSP chain (using the file browser).

The mappings are saved along with the chain, but you still need to load the chain each time you need it.

Hope this helps!

Sorry, this may be a really stupid question, but: how do I link a VST plugin to the Automation Device or the MIDI-CC? I put them in the same track and I can’t find a way to choose the VST.

Well, I was talking about VST instruments. VST effects doesn’t need any of those devices, you can map the parameters as they are. Just click the little sideways arrow next to the “Ext.Editor” that’s where all the VST parameters are located.

The trick is, that you can then MIDI map the effect/instrument, and when you save the DSP chain to disk, the mappings are saved as well. This is what I call re-usability.

Yes yes, great, I get it now. I thought that the Automation device was needed for the trick to work.