Loading a Renoise theme resets track colors

  1. Save current color profile
  2. Setup a track color, then set alpha to 0
  3. Load profile

there is a themeengine initialisation error too. default selected track after renoisestart is not painted correctly. after first trackselection with mouse, track is painted correctly!

Do you mean a Renoise theme with color profile?
I can’t replicate this here with the provided steps.

Can’t replicate this either. Note that the cursor is dimmed in most themes when the pattern editor is not keyboard focused. It will be focused when clicked. That’s intended, as you else could not see if there is a keyboard focus or not.

Yes, exactly, a Renoise theme, but you are right. It’s not the transparency overwritten, but instead the color of the track. Maybe that’s an expected behaviour. This is really not a showstopper, maybe you should not waste your time here.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put a track to grey color. And background transparency 10%
  2. Load this theme:
    amegas 4k II.xrnc (5.0 KB)
  3. Track color should have changed. Transparency still at 10%

Dont know what yoz meaned with Cursordimmed. Here is an example.

  1. only startet Renoise and switched to mixer tab


  1. 1 x selected mixchannel 2 and reselect mixchannel 1 (i marked the difference)


Yes. Unless the track colours are customized, the theme provides a set of new default track colours.

IC. Thanks. Will be fixed.

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Do you get aware of the other themingbugs i reported in themingchannel? Look here Color Themes For Renoise - #729 by NPC1

the last 3 Pictures i marked with Bug. I decribed that problem in text too. It’s Fontrender bug or not correct measured Labelheights of the Textlabel components.