Loading very old soundtracker MOD modules...

(ffx) #1


I forgot about the way to import mod files. I have found an ancient mod file, presumably it uses Soundtracker 1.0-3.0, so not even pro tracker format (less instruments or something)…

How can I import it to renoise 3?


Correct MOD and XM replay!
renoise mod song file support
(The_Traveler) #2

As I recall, I used either OpenMPT or Milkytracker to load the .mod and export it in .xm format for Renoise import. Some of the older .mod files wouldn’t convert and I never did find any other method …

(ffx) #3

ah thx!

I now used Milkytracker on OSX, which also seems to be capable of importing very old soundtracked modules accurately. Saved to XM->loaded in Renoise.

(The_Traveler) #4

Excellent! Glad it worked for you. :slight_smile: