Looking for a Drupal expert to update the Renoise main website. Do you know someone?

Hi all,

Renoise’s main website at https://www.renoise.com is still using Drupal 7, which is soon reaching the end of its life and also generally needs an overhaul with a proper responsive theme and some other feature updates.

So I’m looking for someone to help us out by taking care of the update and, if possible, adding a few more features to the existing site as well.

If you are a Renoise user (which you probably are if you are reading this), have experience with PHP and Drupal and want to help, that would be great. This would be a real job with pay - not for fun - still can be fun though :wink:

Thing’s that are ToDo:

  • Upgrade existing Drupal 7 core of renoise.com to Drupal 9. This includes rewriting/updating a bunch of custom modules for the Renoise tool pages.
  • Create a new responsive design. We got a few drafts for this, but are open to for new design as well. This is creative work, not copy and paste.
  • Rework/rewrite content of a bunch of existing very old pages.

I’ll provide more details in private for anyone who’s interested.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please send me a PM or contact me at taktik AT nameofthissoftware DOT com.



I know someone :]
I emailed you some info!


Settled for now. Thank you!