Looking For A Label

I made three tracks in renoise for a demo-cd. Now I’m looking for a label that fits into this style of techno.
Maybe somebody has an idea. I prefer german labels.
Below is a snippet of the tracks…


er…buddy…ur on soundcloud, perfect place to find labels…if your music is good they will find you…post ur music in techno forums, here etc…and send ur tracks to labels on soundcloud, not that hard buddy! :rolleyes:

okay, sounds quiet…mmmh…
can’t believe, that any techno-scouts are around there. would prefer the conventional way. any hints?

The conventional way is to live in the city of the label you want to be on, play/hang out at the clubs the label reps go to, earn their friendship and have meaningful discussions about stuff that isn’t you getting signed, and produce music they like; in that order.

Unless you want to get on a free netlabel (mind you, which is also very cool) the “send a demo tape into the void” idea doesn’t get you far.

Look around. Be agressive. Also if your looking for commercial labels they do prefer that the music NOT be released before hand. I found out the hard way. I had sent a demo in and was to be excepted however their information gathered seen that my music had been “released” on myspace and soundcloud respectivly. I still to this day cannot BELIEVE THIS but hey… Another reason to get my own stuff going. Since then (and relating to Trek-FM’s post) I have been found on soundcloud by simply checking out others tracks and commenting… trust me he’s right… Talk to people, Colab with others, stay positive it’s not going to happen over night. =)


why would u not believe that?

Many labels are on soundcloud…I’ve been scouted by dnb labels w/o doing any promo cos of the quality of my music.

Techno is probably more popular than dnb there.

edit: at the end of the day its about the quality of your music…if your music is bangin you will be struggling to figure out which label you want to commit to.

Labels are dead dood. Get a .dot, print a bunch of flyers,pass em around, get some people talkin.

Get friendly on some DJ forums and send tracks to some DJ that you respect. Happened recently for a mate of mine; got vinyl releases in France, Japan, US, UK. Not gonna be massive but still, it’s people buying your stuff and ‘having it large’ in clubs

I have to slightly disagree with Tarek-FM (best of luck dude, your stuff deserves it) insofar as there is sooo much s-h-i-t on Soundcloud by ‘producers’ that it makes A&R difficult - who wants to wade through a swimming pool of diarrhea to (possibly) find a gemstone? You have already taken the choice to target your audience, use the same principles to target labels (although why only german is beyond me)

…but posting on a forum on teh internets expecting to get picked up by teh TechnoScouts (dib dib dib, boom tish boom tish) is frankly a waste of time and bandwidth

Read the manual

thanks for the tips, but i know, how i want to do it. listen to all these tracks outthere to find similar music to mine is very exhausting, so i thought, maybe some renoisers have an idea. perhaps the guy in the record shop has an answer.

Well put Conner. I think this is the best way.

cheers man, thx! :walkman:

definitely agree w/ that :rolleyes:

edit: in case there is a misunderstanding, I am rolling my eyes at the amount of cr%^ on soundcloud!!

this edit was inspired by this thread

aha aha…