What does this icon mean to you?


To me it means “lame”, but some people are using to say “I agree with the above post?”

Rolling your eyes at someone is, to me, a sign of disapproval or frustration in response to something stupid they’ve said. It’s definitely a negative emoticon to me, but obviously not very aggressive one. I have no idea how it could interpreted as saying “I agree with the above post”, haha. :rolleyes:


To me means duh!!!

or sign of lighthearted dissaproval!

He may be refering to my response to this post

insofar as there is sooo much s-h-i-t on Soundcloud by ‘producers’ that it makes A&R difficult - who wants to wade through a swimming pool of diarrhea to (possibly) find a gemstone?

I said I definitely agree and added :rolleyes:

I was rolling my eyes at how much sh&*^& there is on soundcloud :rolleyes:

Now I am rolling my eyes cos I thought it was obvious!!! :rolleyes: :lol:

:rolleyes: - yeah, right!

but sometimes I’ve used it just as a cute smile.

OMG I can’t believe u responded that way! That’s maddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd funny coming from a member of the renoise team!! :lol:

Well, I’ve definitely seen it used to look up.

:clownstep: :badteethslayer: :clownstep: :badteethslayer: :clownstep: :badteethslayer: :clownstep:

Yes, that’s the one. Although click above for someone who does use it to say “look above.” When I saw:

I agree :rolleyes:

To me, it that was either “I’m being sarcastic, I disagree” which didn’t make any sense? My next guess was look above? I agree with this statement?

Ha ha!! I get ya!! Confusing these internets some times!!!

will edit that post just in case there is a misunderstanding!

lol i always thought it was pretty condescending, but not everyone thinks so so w/e

The “roll eyes” icon should not be smiling. I NEVER smile when I do that IRL.

It’s like a ‘polite’ way of saying “what the fuck ever, you sir, are a crackhead”, in the politest way possible.
So it’s a misnomer.

Holy shit Bantai, that was the worst waste of time ever lol :o

What does it mean now?

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…That’s a bead of rolleyes on her back?

More importantly, who is that?!

edit: it is, in fact vida guerra…she looked diff to me, but that’s her…