Looking For Some Good, Fat Subbass

recently purchased an akai mpc1000 and plan to use it with renoise, looking to make some hiphopish stuff. My problem is the subbass. Should I go ahead and get a mini korg for this? Also I’d like to know some of your favorite subbass packs out there so maybe i can get by on sampled bass. Should be pretty cool to load acoustic bass into the thing too.

but yeah y/n on the mini korg? any other suggestions on hardware that I could get nice fatty subs with that’s relatively inexpensive like the korg? if you get back to me thanks : )

ehehehe microkorg rather

I make my subbass mostly with just a sinewave, kicks the hell out of your subwoofer :lol:

yeah, can get some pretty beastly subs that way. suppose i could just make them in Massive right? have any experience with that?

Yeah I use Massive all the time! I just make the sound of the bass I want, low cut (not to much obviously) and put a second track with just a sinewave next to it.
Ofcourse if you have an oscilator free in Massive you could just put that on sine and do it all in one.

SubBoomBass by RobPapen!


I just use a single sine. What moar do you need?

You don’t need massive at all ;)

There is tool “sinewave generator” or something like this, but you can also draw your own one (if you are talented).

Later filter + lo pass…

You can also take sample of good bassline, put lopass on top of it + some compressor - and bomb the bazzzz.

Hey, Renoise even comes with a basic sinewave sample in the instruments folder, last time I checked :)

I used to think there was some special magic sub-bass synth as well. INCORRECT!!!

All sub bass is only a sine wave…I repeat ALL SUB BASS IS ONLY A SINE WAVE!!

The built in Renoise Chip.XRNI(sine, triangle and square) are more than up to the task,its really not complicated. The triangle and square waveforms are useful as they have built in harmonics…low pass them enough and they are just sine waves.

Slight pitch envelope at the start will give your sub a nice attack if desired. Obviously layering sounds on top of your sub can give it some desired character.

Other than that its just arrangement and mixing properly, something no synth will do for you.

Repeat after me: Sub-bass is only a sine wave! :walkman:

ps…I just read that you are thinking of getting hardware for your sub… u must be kidding me m8! A sive wave sounds no fatter coming out of any equipment or software!! The “fatness” u are refering to comes from layering, pitch envelopes, saturation{easily accomplished w/free vsts), proper note/frequency selection and relative volume to the rest of the mix and quality of the mix!! :walkman:

Jajaja!!! oye 00.1 eres espanol??? usando un teclador ingles, entonces no tengo en button por el “enye”!! :rolleyes:

good replies yall. it is just a sine wave, just had to mess with the pitch and sustain/volume settings in the sample editor. nice fatty bass hits, so much better than the samples i was using lmao. thanks dudes. might end up getting massive anyway because i want a synth but we’ll see. spent enough already.

ArcDevMainliner x2 vst plugin can be good sub.

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Oh, and yes, a sine wave is all you need.

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I saw in a post you live in the mountains…I am not familiar with Argentina, I do have a friend who lives way down south in the coldest part, forgot what its called.

Anyways, to try to keep this thread on track: Remember kids, for phatt sub bass all u need is a sine wave B)

Edit: Forgot, I wanted to add for Cat Hero. Defo get Massive if you want, can’t go wrong with it…I have tried it and gr8 sounds coming from there. My point was, don’t get caught up in the hype that you need to spend tons of money of “professional plug ins” and hardware to make gr8 music or get fatness or whatever.

Its a bunch of bs, be careful of going on certain forums (not this one) as you can easily be influenced by some “pros” (who make no money from music) will tell you need this and that.

Easily to be influenced when you are starting out. I am lucky as I am hard-heaaded and only listen to myself. Thusly, I make all my tracks w/ free (yes legal) plug ins and get a phatt pro sound…granted I am still refining my production technique, however, basically there. It all comes down to sound selection, arrangement, mixing etc…thats the only message I wanted to get across :walkman:

I agree with pure sine, try to send it to a bass amp and then record it again, it will add some great harmonics and compression that will make it sound more fat.

word this +1 :walkman:

off topic:

I saw the movie in English but with Spanish subtitles. One of my favorites (plus Stalker, Donnie Darko, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, Natural born Killers, and a lot of Werner Herzog documentaries)

I live in the south of Argentina, in Bariloche, maybe he lives more in the south, Tierra del fuego is the southest place before Antartica.

On topic: Native instruments are great, but very expensive. And I think is better to learn about waveforms, DSP and production techniques before, because you can have Massive but dont have any idea about how to use it (besides using the presets)

look at the waveform used at the start of this song…


Thanks for the tip :) did the trick :)

Ooh an extra little tip. That little click between notes is caused by the waves not joining smoothly. You’ll get a little annoyed with the maths, but do slides instead. worth the trouble. Test this by playing the desired note shortly after the slide, if you’re right the pitch won’t change, but you’ll hear the little click.