Loop Point Automation

I’m just trying to puzzle out the damage when both start and end points are automated when the link button is active.
I just think that loop-offset point and loop-size like Afta’s tool already does would do a better job in that case. The loop offset then simply moves the whole section. In case the end-point should remain, the loop-size should be enlarged in the automation frames.
I’m not sure if could be done with link option without introducing stuff like “locking” automation parameters. (Would not hurt to have that feature, but i’m not sure if people would use the locking mechanism a lot outside your proposed DSP)

Excellent point, I never considered that people would move both the Start and End parameters while linked; that could certainly cause issues. The point of the Link mode was to allow you to move the whole loop around in real-time with a single hardware mod-wheel/slider/dial, though I guess we could just use the Hydra for that.

just wanted to add that having realtime crossfade looping would also be great in the sampler. Combining loop point automation with this could be super cool.

WOW YES. Thinking about some of the sounds I could get out of this concept and I’m really feeling it.

I’ve seen a few tools that can do this but they’re kind of unstable to work with so a native implementation would be really great.

With moving loop points togheter finally you can create wavetable sounds…PPG…Wavestation…Vector…WONDERFULLLLLL!!!

didnt trackers have that back in the atari days?

This feature would also require a real time loop crossfade engine in renoise (which would also highly increase the quality of any looped samples), or it will alias as hell. Just saying… Seems to me much more complicated then.

+1 it makes an awesome sound. This feature is already in littlegameparktracker, the command is called “play loop offset”

Just for inspiration for the devs, start point automation and grains:


Just stumpled upon this!
This would kick a@#!
can anyone clarify status? It is still a idea, or someone can let me know some of the workarounds?

Thanks in advance

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The workaround atm is a tool from Afta linked somewhere above, it is a great tool to experiment with.

yes but only possible from master channel, aand i cannot make like multiple instruments with separate control for each?

What do you mean with only from master channel, have you tried it? Read this;

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yes i’ve tried it, as long as effect (from demo song) is on master it works, when i move it to separate channel it doesn’t :/. Will read that link now in a sec. I was using older tool than you provided with this link now. Thanks will check this one asap!

@Jonas Thanks again, it works! AWESOME! <3

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Is there a way to separate loop start and end point for example? -or to explain better - to unlink parameter so they can roam freely individually?

You mean that when one of the markers surpasses the other, playback is reversed? So when for example the end marker shifts left of the loop start marker playback will pingpong or reverse. Would be cool, but I don`t think native behavior. Perhaps afta the tool creator can chime in whether it would be possible through script and/or a current limitation in Renoise.

Loop control is a nice tool for longer samples but it doesnt have the accuracy ( as far as i can tell ) to move a loop smoothly over the monowave sample linked below.
monowave sample is many, many waveforms, each of them 256 samples in length, all in one long sample to scan the loop across ( 256 samples long loop ), taken from the original monowave wavescanning synth…
it would have been good if you could set the length in samples
Id love to see thing kind of thing become an official renoise feature, controllable by pattern effect commands, not just a tool


No, i don’t mean to cross both points in between, i just want to move end/start points individually (unlinked)?

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Is there still no way to do this :confused:

Only alternative I can think of is to record changes into Audacity and then import back in!

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Yes! Look at this newly published tool, you may be interested:


Second @Raul post. SMC Tool is a formidable sample mangler, and can do a bunch of stuff that the sampler cannot do without it. Here’s a video I posted yesterday about it:

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