Looping In Note Off Layer

I have a sample in the note off layer which has a loop. When said sample is in the Note On layer, the loop is executed. When the sample is in the Note Off layer, it does not loop.

This MUST be a bug in Renoise 2.8.0, I can’t imagine a situation where looping would be disabled in the Note Off layer (you have the envelope and NNA to cut the loop off anyway).

Brief Description: Loop points within samples are ignored in Note Off layer.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Renoise song.
  2. Create a new instrument and enter a single sample into the keyzone in Note On Layer.
  3. Add contents to this sample, ie, draw a bunch of stuff.
  4. Add loop points to sample
  5. Play sample on keyboard and observe the looping behavior
  6. Click “Note Off Layer” in Keyzone Editor
  7. Right-click in Keyzone editor and insert new sample (the one you created above) on a new key.
  8. Play given key and observe how loop points are ignored.

Expected Behavior: Loop points of samples are always respected given the current envelope, loop (ie: hold to release or continue looping), and Layer context.

Actual Behavior: Loop points of samples are only truly respected in the Note On layer.

Can someone please verify?


I reproduced this.

yeah, note-off-layer sample-loop is ignored

Are loops within samples played in Note Off Layers ignored by design? Is this explicitly forbidden, unimplemented, or a bug?

I would like the input of a Renoise developer on this issue, I can honestly not see a good reason to not allow looping of samples in Note Off Layers. No other distinctions are made between Note On and Note Off layers, so they ideally should be feature identical.

Cheers guys.

It was by design because of the NNA processing. If a note-off is triggered, the sample must be fully stopped for the NNA to accept a new note playing again, else you would be able to trigger 6 notes for one note-column and after that only one note a time would superseed the last triggered and currently playing note because all the other samples are also still playing.
You don’t have any other method to stop a sample from playing besides the note-off / Notecut mechanism, therefore:loops are ignored to insure that the mass amount of samples playing is kept at an efficient rate and NNA behavior is kept intact. I thought Taktik has explained this somewhere earlier…

Hi vV. Thanks for your response and for pointing me towards this existing thread. I’ll follow up with a more detailed response in the original thread.

In short, from my perspective as a user with no knowledge of implementation details, I can think of at least two reasonable strategies for managing sample playback with regards to eventual termination, one of which you mentioned as well, the other deals with an absolute interpretation of “Note Off” (ie: end of note on triggers note off, next note on triggers end of note off (if note off layer has “note off” nna).

My Rebuttal

It is becoming prohibitively difficult to build true CV/gate instruments without the ability to effectively manage the Note Off layer, my specific quandry is as follows:

I’ve got an instrument with 1 3sample Sample per key. Samples loop from sample 1-2, samples 0 and 2 are 0 in both channels. Sample 1 contains the pitch CV offset on channel 1, and a full Gate signal on channel 2. In order to support ADSR envelopes which shall perform their release stage when the gate falls (on Note Off), a sample on the Note Off layer identical to the sample above (without a GATE on channel 2) shall be required to sustain the pitch. Otherwise on note release, the pitch will jump to the value defined at 0V.

So close! Yet so far away.