"lost In Bass". Remastered For 2007.

Here’s a fresh new version of a track I originally did back in 2003. Some techy drum&bass at 177bpm, with a dark atmosphere and some evil, screaming bassline goblins!

dblue - Lost In Bass (GraLL Edit)

Ahhhh, finally something fresh to listen to. Really like the dark athmo of the song. Think the pads could’ve been a bit louder though, they added more depth to the song and worked pretty well. The basslines were really neat, lot’s of variations and full of little details. Liked the climax a lot, freaking! Didn’t liked the sound of the drums that much though, sounded a bit basic and the samples are somewhat overused. Overall a very pleasant track. Had it on repeat a while. :)

Nah… if I was planning to do that I would have just ruined my chances by posting it here, since the rules say that only unreleased tracks are allowed.

I’ve got nothing planned for Evoke really, not even any unfinished stuff that I feel like working on. No big inspiration at the moment, I was just freshening up this track because someone is interested in using it in a project, so I wanted it to sound a bit nicer.

wicked bassline. would love to hear a downtempo version of this.

The funny thing is it works almost perfectly as a breakbeat tune at 137bpm too :) Just needs a bit of tweaking.


the transition between the different parts in the beginning could use some work
but once it gets realy off… IT’s THERE !

great work


Nice song. Especially the bass. :)

great melodies, sick bass, perfect eq’s…well done man!

nice! its like Roni Size :lol:

Sweet, I obviously missed this one! Nice bass indeed, a good remastering with some nice & sharp sounds. Just the kinda stuff I’m buying & right into atm, although I do look for a bit more of a ‘drop’ when playing out. This is a lot like TeeBee’s stuff which certainly isn’t a bad thing!

Was wondering if you would be willing to give any feedback on this. I think I could pick up a lot of useful production/mastering tips from you! I know the intro is very quiet in this recording, but anything else you could point out will be taken on board.

Superb track! Sounds amazingly brilliant and sharp. Great work!
What instruments do you use to produce those swirling leads ?

The main growling bassline stuff is Junglist VSTi by Synapse Audio, which is now discontinued/replaced by Hydra. Plus a lot of rather aggressive EQ’ing and filtering in Renoise, with multiple LFOs automating the filters in Renoise and the filters in Junglist itself, plus some manual/programmed tweaking on top of that! Really wanted to get that thing moving and making some weird sounds.

I agree, I’m not totally happy with the overall structure of the track myself. I will probably rewrite it some day, but on this occasion I was just tweaking the EQ’ing and the overall sound of the track. Someone is using the track in a game he is making, so I just wanted it to sound nice and fresh.

For comparison, here’s the original version from 2003:

Sounds rather bland I think.

Anyway, I will check out your track when I get home tonight!

PS. Thanks to everyone else for the comments :)