Lost undo in one track

Not had this before but it’s pretty annoying!

One track says “value changed” when you undo but it does nothing. Makes making a track pretty interesting

will upload tomorrow

Quite likely that some plugins or tools flood Renoise’s undo/redo with parameter changes (“value changed”). Unfortunately it’s hard to find out which plugin or tool does this, except you are removing them one after the other and checking if Renoise still does this.

hi taktik, please consider this:https://forum.renoise.com/t/better-undo-action-description-status-message/45956

I had similar undo buffer problems, but more like too many undo actions that I never did myself. Thanks.

Can I take plugins out one by one to find the culprit?

the file is corrupted and wont copy anywhere :C

It happened to another track… so frustrating

Try multiple undos. Here, instead loosing an undo step, it inserts nonsense undo steps.

Thanks for the help - this is a pretty big problem for me

It sometimes says `nothing to undo’ or says its changed something without doing anything

Erm, just wanted to mention - and I don’t know if I am right - but I have the impression, that this problem is related to the convolver dsp? So if I use that, sooner or later strange undo problems will appear…

midi error: do you use convolver in your project?