Lost Years - I Wanna Fly Away (midierror remix)

I take back what I said about using Renoise, this took so long to make in Cubase I had to make the switch. How can you write beats in any other DAW?! !


The original remix by Lost Years is absolutely epic, though not on his soundcloud anymore https://soundcloud.com/lostyears

What’s the original track? Cannot find any with “fly” in the name… I like your remix, it’s varying and not boring. I only miss the 1/4 usual synthwave drums. This “bigbeat” fits more to Gunshot or some Rap production imo. Also little bit too much low end bass. At 3:12 the bass plays the same like another instrument , sounds a bit to simple. Thanks for sharing.

The original is from Blue Russell

vV thanks. Hm, I don’t like the sound by Lost Years so much. It’s well mixed ok but lacks variation and has also too much bass. If you only play some chunks of his tracks (so you won’t get it’s too repetitive) like in Kung Fury or in a synthwave mix, it’s a an epic sound for sure. I would prefer something like Lazerhawk’s recent album “Skull and shark” (favorites: fight to the top, king of the streets, a promise, still repetitive, but so nice guitars and incredible mixed), Garth Knight or straight sound from Miami Nights 1984.

I tried to keep it simple, but it never works that way for me. I wanted to get the BIG sound and use a breakbeat - I appreciate the comments. It sounded way bass heavy on my headphones, but alright on the monitors

I really like his sound. More of a rework than a remix!

This is the orig…

I remade the remix [Reconstruction] Lost Years - I Wanna Fly Away (midierror remix)

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the changes!