Love Sickness

I fell in love with a woman. She’s so damn beautiful, she has a bunch of humor and I loved her. She was the gf of my best friend, they separated a while ago, we started off hard’n’heavy and now my friend starts to flirt with her again and she doesn’t know what to do…

I don’t know where I should dump my feelings, usually I would tell all this my best friend but as he is the reason for my love sickness I am really angry with him. Damn, I should stop, this thread will be visible forever and in a while I would be ashamed of it but now I am totally fxcked up.

Of course I cannot force her to stay with me (the relationship is none, we are kissing each other since a week) and I don’t want to lose my friend, too but I am really really upset right now.

Here’s no question, I am just feeling like living in a bubble with the whole world outside not understanding me. Damn… :(

There is a saying: bros before hoes

You should both dump that chick because it
looks like she is playing a game that will cost
you guys your friendship.

I know this sounds blunt and emotionless, but a good friend
is a lot more valuable than any chick. And any chick that
gets between two good friends is a ho.

it’s her who should decide. If she doesn’t, then probably BotB has the solution.

in the meantime, you should get the chance to produce some good sicked music, but please avoid emo style :)

Don’t be ashamed, there are far worse things to be shameful about.

Fucked up shit is inevitable. Its your ability to cope with it that counts. The aftermath of it all. Be aware of your coping mechanics and keep it sharp.

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if you where a close friend of mine who got involved with an ex of mine then i might feel the need to punch you in the face! … (well…)

:ph34r: ^_^

well unless it was a pretty long time ago since the breakup…

anyway i wouldn’t do that stuff, saves a lot of trouble… and drinks.

Save yourself and. Don’t get involved with your friends EX especially since she still are able to get feelings for him and he for her.

It just wont work.

There are other girls which you can be more happy with.
Start by reading the whole book, The Game by Neil Strauss…

It seems that the long delay before the release of renoise’ next version is resulting in renoisers’ relationship problems. Had some other threads recently… :D

Being serious, I don’t think that relationship with a girl (which is eventually cut) is worth loosing a good friend. Many girls might come into your life and get away, but real friends do remain forever.

That’s clicheish bullshit. Friends are friends until friendship gets in another ones way. Handle it with knives or pistols. Who needs dead friends anyway?

I think someone needs a hug

All the replies go to the same direction, so I thought posting something opposite.

I like being honest about stuff like that. Whatever happens, you know that you were atleast honest. And if you really love someone then you should hold on to her, cause I know very well, if you let the right one go, you may never come to true satisfaction again.

This post of yours from a few weeks ago, although funny, might reveal something more basic (i.e. sex)

Be honest about it, no harm no foul?

Something I realised in my younger life has been a great guide to increased happiness:

Put dedicated effort into making yourself a better person (all round and over a sustained long period of time) and eventually this will earn you better company. If you improve as a person those who are negative or unimportant in your life will fade out, fall away.

If in doubt: don’t. The deep bliss of a of a real mature partnership with a lover reveals itself honestly and obviously. If that isn’t clear then sticking with it can only be a world of hell.

Aint that a bit of a sexist way to talk about the bitches?

semi-offtopic… I am married five years this december. And I always swore I wouldnt get married, never, NEVER. Well, now it seems all friends around me are NOT married, but I am :panic:

Yes :D

My 2 cents:

Don’t drop her because of “what-if”. Don’t either think that she is the best in the world and your friend not. Just try to be yourself at your best. Be positive. Avoid negative thinking, they might lead you to weird situations and feelings. The best is to be honest and true to yourself. About your story, some things can happen (not all of them good):

  1. She will realize that it is better to stay with you than with him and you will be together forever and live happily ever after.

  2. She will keep going back and forth between your friend and you and eventually you will have to leave her because it will hurt you.

  3. Maybe you are just the rebound guy. You know your feelings but maybe hers are not the same. Beware! She will go away as soon as she finds Mr. Right, who can be your friend.

    n) Whatever.

What I mean is that if you are true to yourself you will never regret anything and you will be in peace with yourself in the future, regardless how the relationships continues or ends. Remember that if it ends maybe you keep seeing her or your friend or maybe not, but you will keep living with yourself all your life. Stuck to your principles, don’t betray yourself, there is no harder judge than oneself. Keep it in mind for the future.

I’m not giving you any solution. You will have to find it by your own.