Lua error when minimizing tool windows via [Windows Down] keyboard shortcut

W10 x64 & R3.2.0 x64 & windows tool

I really didn’t know what title to put in this error…

I describe the steps directly:

  1. Create a simple tool window. Use
  2. Create a shortcut to invoke the tool. Use: renoise.tool():add_menu_entry(). As:

    renoise.tool():add_menu_entry {
    name = “Main Menu:Tools:Name_Tool”, – Pi
    invoke = function() main_dialog_tool() end

  3. Open the window tool from the menu shortcut (Main Menu:Tools:Name_Tool).
  4. Press [WINDOWS DOWN] keyboard command. Then the tool acquires this minimized look:
  5. Reopen the window tool from the menu shortcut (Main Menu:Tools:Name_Tool).
  6. Then a strange error appears about custom_dialog:

    std::logic_error: ‘custom_dialog: expected a valid, visible content view.’

Is there any way to avoid this error? That is, prevent the meu shortcut from doing anything!

It seems an internal custom_dialog error related to the use of the Windows window.

I can’t find a way to detect this state to avoid it. The function responsible for opening the window is defined in main_dialog_tool(), using

Any idea how to avoid this, or should it be resolved within the API?

It should not be possible to minimize those windows. I’ll fix that, then the resulting problems should be solved too.

Thanks! Yes. If the tool window cannot be minimized, this error will not be possible.