Lv2 Plugins

New plugin specification has been in works for quite some time. And there is new standard LV2 (Ladspa Version 2) which is eventually going to replace both LADSPA and DSSI. This something Renoise devs should study, as if it’s not going to implemented today, it must be in near future. :)


word yes, this is exactly what I’m also interested in.
It seems like LV2 could be the free VST…
Having two different plugin specifications for fx and instruments is a bit confuscating…
So in my opinion LV2 support should be integratet in renoise…

(BTW: Did I only look not closely enough, or is there no dssi support in renoise 1.9.1?)
(EDIT: Ok, rtf-missingfeatures)
I mean, I loved VST in theeese oooll’ windose days, but hey, things change - free software - free thoughts :)

But anyhow, even without some features missing…
These days playing around with the demo is like christmas and birthday at the same time…

I’ve been waiting since years for a software like this, being released for linux!

And this will be the first software since 10 years or so,
I will actually BUY… spending money for it and stuff :P
(because of the linux port)

in one word::: THANK YOU

to answer to your question: no, DSSI is not supported at the moment.

what’s next for Linux version strongly depends on the reaction of the users base to this new port, and also on what a certain new feature would actually improve into the application: for example, adding VST support for Linux was not hard, because we already had it working for Win and Mac, but we have seen that Linux VST are almost all unstable.

if we spend developing (and testing) time in order to support LV2 plugins, but then noone developes LV2 plugins, we have only wasted precious time, so probably now it’s a bit early to think about LV2 for us.

we have already considered supporting DSSI, but for now we have preferred to release a first version without it and collect some feedback, so thanks for yours :)

DSSI is pretty much abandoned. I wouldn’t waste time on this. Not too many projects supported DSSI in first place! But LV2 support is already in Ardour SVN and is coming with next release. Also many old LADSPA plugins are ported to LV2 and few new plugins are also available.

Although I would wait atleast few months before implementing LV2. When it has become more mainstream. But it is certain that it will replace both LADSPA and DSSI in about a year or two…

One good thing about dssi support would be the possibility
to run dssi-vst inside renoise and perhaps get rid of LASH
and save your song in just one file

Might be but might also be some writes a good VST wrapper in Lv2 or LADSPA that does the same or even better job the dssi-vst plugin.
Never gamble on freezed stuff.

When LV2 supporting ardour gets released expect the plugin numbers to grow rapidly. Also the spec to stabilize. Thus I said it is not good idea to start implementing it right away. Wait few more months atleast.

Just saying. This IS the future. And in future you must implement it anyway, just keep your hand on the pulse and take account of the LV2 coming.

Also saying, there is no point in doing any development on DSSI cause it is kinda deprecated and will be shortly replaced with LV2.

Also. Having LV2 support in Renoise speeds up LV2 plugin development and porting by magnitudes.

So will LADSPA and this is already included in Renoise. DSSI isn’t abandoned, Chris Cannam released dssi-vst 0.6 just a month ago.

I think the replacement of LADSPA and DSSI by LV2 will be a very slow process. ATM there’s is only one LV2 host, Zynjacku, and even if Ardour implements LV2, there is still no MIDI support for actually playing those synths (although you can find screenshots of the coming MIDI support on Ardour’s homepage). On the other hand we are still waiting for the MusE 1.0 release (or will they really call it 2.0?) that finally incorporates DSSI support.

For some people the ability to use synth plugins is the main reason for using next generation trackers like Renoise. There are already some DSSI synths included in most GNU/Linux distributions, like hexter, sineshaper, whysynth, maybe some of the nice nekosynths etc. so I think it would be really nice to use those in Renoise.

I think any open instrument interface would be better than a shakily native vst implementation…

although i like the idea to have vst-plugins running on all three major

hmmm… dreaming of LV2 being portet and used on mac/win :D

Then this Reaper forum post could be interesting for you. Maybe the corresponding thread on the Linux-Audio-Devel mailing list went a bit… errrr… “out of control”.

ardour 2.3 was just released with “provisional” LV2 support ;) just fyi

I’m bumping this, because it looks like LV2 is gaining some momentum. Looking at Arch repository, there are already quite a few effects suite available : Calf, Invada, LL, SWH

That would be really nice to have LV2 support in Renoise.

Hello !
How many lv2 plugins are available ? Are there instruments, too ?
Current renoise supports only ladspa effects, am I right?
Is it a possibillity to recognize ladspa instrument in renoise. As I read forum, it isn’t possible, because renoise doesn’t read a ladspa header… so you have all ladspa plugins only in effect section. I want to have ladspa plugins (instruments) in vst instruments section.
Hope this is not offtopic !

What is so cool on those lv2 plugins ?

Thank you.

If I’m not mistaken, what you have right now is LADPSA for synths and DSSI for effects. LV2 is an attempt to unify all this and probably circumvent some limitations of both standards.

to answer your other question, I have calf, swh, invada, zyn and lv2vocoder, and I count 279 LV2 plugins, including some synths.

native zynjacky with zynjack engine :3

mmm found there a link to GUI for ZynAddSubFX but can’t undestand is there only source code for gui?? where i can get .dll “upgraded” with that nice GUI ?

By all means, Renoise is the best DAW that natively runs on Linux out there.

Having native LV2 support would be an amazing thing.

Instruments that actually work is something that every linux renoise user dreams about at this moment.

Don’t get me wrong. I manage well with only samples and the very few Linux VSTs that DO exist.

But LV2 would open up an entirely new world.

Especially with programs like synthforge in the works.


+1 for LV2 support under GNU/Linux


I’d love to see LV2 and dssi support in renoise. Are there any news in this direction?