M-audio Firewire Audio Interface With Powerbook?

I’m looking to buy this, but, I wanted to make sure it will work with my powerbook, anyone else out there have one? or recommend something better around the price range? I’m a total n00b when it comes to hardware

M-Audio Firewire Audiophile - Audio Interface



Thanks for your input. Hm, I took a risk and ordered it, will let you know if i have the same problems with it!

One good warning does not seem enough probably, you could have posted some links to forums with a batchload of angry M-Audio firewire owners Bantai… :P

Well, it is working fine for me, it hickuped at start, but after i re-installed the drivers and restarted once, it asked me ‘do you want to fix certain permissions that have changed in the sound preferences?’ and i said ‘yes, fix them’, so then i restarted one more time, then I had no problems at all from then on.

However I failed to realize it doesn’t have a mic input! smacks head… -.- what was I thinking??
oh well, just thought I would give you an update.