M/S modes in EQ5/EQ10

Currently there is the option to select L, R, L-R or L+R. I suggest adding M and S , processing only the mid or side portion of the signal.

A reminder of how it currently is:


I requested this a 100 times, too. It will never come. Forget it. Also not time consuming to implement :stuck_out_tongue:

Bus compressor / compressor would highly benefit from this,too.

And of course the gain device requires a lr / mid-side switch! Since eq lacks of a gainer.



A simple dropdown/ select box would be enough.


This (without the additional null-line points) would be great, for example if you come back to an eq later, and don’t really anymore know which band is responsible for what. Maybe the summing curve could be improved, too? Here the colored are exactly the parts of the summing curve. Or let’s say, those band curves would fade in on mouse-over a point.

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Also here some collection for my personal improvement wishlist/dreamlist:

  • Double left click on band = on/off, instead delete

  • Double right clickon band = delete

  • Automation directly in gfx only view -> right click = automation, middle click or shift click = resonance change

  • M/S

  • Modes in a dropdown menu (saves lot of space). The expanded button like now would only make sense if this was a very often automated / switched feature, but this is not the case.

  • Having the following modes: L+R ,L , R , L-R , R-L , MID , SIDE

  • Mode drop down also in gfx only mode

  • Showing also gain amount of the band on mouse over, not only frequeny

  • same graphics size in expanded mode like in graph only view. It’s still fitting on 640x480.

  • The context menu could provide some comfort functionality, individual for all Renoise FX

  • If there was a LP / HP option, you could auto-switch to that mode, as soon as maximal resonance is reached on first or last band. So no additional controls required. There could be a gap in movement in between max. rez. shelf to LP/HP, one centimeter mouse movement. Personally I would prefer the old filter3 24db pole for that. Or even better a filter smoothly transitioning thru resonance steepness, 6dB->12dB->24dB