Mac App Store

I’m personally not a fan, but I’m posting it here in case this is of interest to the team:

If Renoise is first in the store, it will obviously benefit from all the media hype on launch day.

Whether or not the concept of an App Store will be a success, I will hold my tongue. I kind of think it’s part of a bigger “lock down” strategy, I hope not, but only time will tell.


So the 30% covers server upkeep, purchasing, distribution and Apple’s marketing?

That could be a sweet deal, as Mac users generally trust Apple.
Would pose an issue with the current Renoise version update model if it works anything like the current App Store.
Which is simply great for users, but greatly abstracted and sometimes even more obstructed to Developers.
Doing away with version numbers could eventually happen.

Sounds a bit like a Steam for Mac Applications.

Since Lua, there is an update checker script in Renoise.
And ofcourse in that case we would need to work with one-time login codes for the backstage where users can change their name.
When they logon, they can unlock their copy. Their logon name provided by the aplle store should be something like a random generated number and the purchase date (so they always get the proper license and versions to download)
But i don’t know how that can be set up on the apple store.

I predicted this in an Ars Technica thread when I was active on the Renoise team.

Based on that thread, I participated in a new thread, full of flamewar, here. (Disclaimer: My involvement with Renoise is currently superficial, but I always bring the hype and web hits when I can.)

Scroll to page 4, where I concede some points, and you’ll see some compelling arguments as to why this is a good idea; for average mac users, anyway.

That certainly changes things.

“The store will launch within 90 days.”

Seriously, is anyone working on this?


Peter Kirn just covered this subject on his CDM blog:
Apple’s App Store May Not Work for Audio Devs; Developers Respond

My two cents:

Apply. If it gets rejected, oh well. If it doesn’t, horray.

Because of the way things seem setup from the blogs I’m reading (no customer data, no upgrades, etc.) charge 49 Euro instead of 59.

Make it clear on the Renoise site that if you buy from the Mac App store, you will not be getting the same deal as if you buy from Renoise. No upgrades, no access to Windows or Linux versions, etc. Basically, the Mac App store is an OEM version and buyer beware.

Registered to:
Mac App Store OEM Version

Bonus, if we see any of these floating around the torrent sites… Sue Apple! /joke

I think this is the danger Taktik desires to avoid at all cost. Another thing is Apple’s Arrogant attitude as usual, so i guess no + no makes this a nono.

I doubt that your hopes will come true… this is Apple we’re talking about.

Apple is a money machine, they can probably get away charging more because of their slick products. I read some rumors today that they’re looking at buying Sony, Disney or Adobe, actually I think Apple and Microsoft could be starting a bidding war on Adobe soon, that’s what the recent puzzles tells me :)

Anyway, advertisement is gold, so I agree it would be great if Renoise was in the App store, even in a dumbed down version to fit Apples ludicrous conditions.

Reading the conditions: I think they are reasonable to offer nice and consistent user experience. Don’t you hate if you buy a game from some application store for $5 and it has only one level and huge banners and will install you some spyware and ask you $50 to upgrade to full version or $300 to uninstall itself. :P

These rules may seem bit intimidating to some programs, but generally they are reasoned.

BTW, according to the rules LUA & VSTi support are not forbidden. The program may not automatically download and install script bundles though. Manually installing them is apparently OK.

Do you really think that this appstore will be only way to install software on Mac in the future? I doubt it.

If we release a discounted version with no scripting or plugin support (to meet Apple’s requirements). Then, if people purchase it, and like it, then they can upgrade to the free demo version to have more features (!!!). I guess there’s some secret critique of the app store hidden somewhere in this…

Does that even make sense, except as a way to make money? But then, the “I Am Rich” app for the iPhone was a great success until it got pulled.

Some Lua is already in the iPhone app store. I don’t think Renoise has to remove anything to get in, just the registration process.

Here’s what I think really happens. An app is submitted, some minimum wage worker in India or Malaysia randomly decides whether or not it gets in the App Store based on a ludicrous list of criteria that no one internally ever reads because it’s a cut and paste job from the iPhone app store. Maybe even some executive decisions are made to allow some apps in, regardless of rules, just to make the store look good on launch day.

I say try, see what the feedback is, work from there.

On second thought, this is slightly more hilarious. Maybe even an awesome idea.

Remove the word “Demo”, replace with “App Store OEM”. Remove the nag dilogues and all paths to them (Instead of Render to Disk -> Nag screen/or grayed out, it simply just isn’t there.)

Sell Renoise for $1.

I think the trick for awesome is a low price.

Maybe enable Rewire, sell for $5, or remove it (because the static is a nag and “disabled features” aren’t allowed.) and do it for $1.

Whatever is fastest to meet the criteria and send it off for feedback, possibly approval. EDIT: That is to say, don’t waste time working on this if it’s going to be rejected; because the mouse pointer is white but OSX it’s black; or “interface too complicated not Cocoa enough”; etc. Just churn something out and if gets rejected, oh well.

Seriously, this could be awesome.

I was going to suggest to publish only the demo version (renaming it maybe) in the MacStore and give it for free but, by reading the latest posts I didn’t read before, I assume that you cannot publish free software on MacStore. In such case, 1$ could be an idea.

giving away the demo version for free would also solve the “no automatic updates” requirement problem.

I simply hate Apple. Incidentally, I am working as a an iPad developer now.