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Will be purchased through Mac App Store

Edit: So it’s been released.

Full-screen Chess
Take Chess full screen and turn your Mac into a virtual chessboard.

I’m a chess player, I can’t resist: I’m going to trash my Windows and Linux setups and run to the closest Mac store!

Full screen you say? :o

The advancements in technology never stop to amaze me.,14299/

so true

Jokes aside, from what I understand you can’t actually buy it retail but have to buy it through the Mac App Store.
This means you need to already be running a Mac with Snow Leopard that is at least version 10.6.6.

Not to mention internet connection, credit card …

I’m going to wait this one out. Very happy with 10.6, not sure about the direction Lion is taking.

My theory is that “fullscreeen” is just a step towards touchscreen everything.

Jobs has said before laptops/desktops will become devices for professional use only. Devices such as the iPad is pointed towards people who only use computers to browse, photos, office, etc (the largest group of people according to them).

He also said in previous interviews touchscreens are useless for laptops/desktops: too tiresome for your arms, etc.

I think the reason why they’re making applications fullscreen now is because you can’t maximize your windows in Mac OS and this is a way to get away with it without looking like complete fools (“hey we made a maximize button now!”).

Renoise already does fullscreen on OSX. ;)

The thing Mac has is that they have like a greybeard cult following for their HIG bible, most of which they are now throwing out the door in favour of mobile phone designs.

In nerd speak, I believe they are adding fullscreen to OSX Cocoa API because it is slowly morphing into the Cocoa Touch / IOS SDK; this is being done so that devs won’t have to write apps twice. (Both at Apple and in the outside world.)

Take, for example, Garageband for iOS. It’s clearly derived from Garageband OSX but supports Cocoa Touch. Why maintain a fork? Why not roll everything into one version and plug in a keyboard to your iPad for more advanced features or use a special screen as an option? Same deal with iCal. It’s changing, but in reality it’s just the first step in a code merge between OSX and IOS versions.

Cool, will try it when I catch time.

I’m eager here to find out how or will Renoise work with the new Auto-save feature. Is it just me who gives a damn?

Did you miss the Keynote where they said straight up that they weren’t going to do a touchscreen macbookpro because of the issues with ergonomy

It’s been interesting to install free stuff from MacAppStore - and functional. But as OS X Lion comes out before Yaga Festival, not gonna risk it. SnowLeopard & Ableton Live completely destroyed eachother, and considering how Ableton have lost a lot of developers as of late - I’m guessing OSXLion will make Live completely unusable until about 15 updates from now…

Actually, the swipable fullscreen apps seemed pretty cool and useful, very reminiscent of Workbench :)

Sure, however it’s not swipable, you’re stuck there forever until you exit it.

Actually the autosave and autoreload stuffs were very promising, have lost a lot of TextEdit entries due to running out of battery. And it tends to be tiresome to have to shut down apps when you run out of diskspace, would be nice to just get back to the previous settings.
If I could trust that Live works 100% with 10.7, I’d be upgrading to 10.7 the minute it comes out.

Incidentally, this update made it a no-brainer:
“High-resolution cursor - In Lion, the cursor is crisp and sharp at larger sizes.”
I use larger cursors to spot stuff easier

“Capture a region of the screen - QuickTime Player lets you record part of the screen, such as a specific window. It’s perfect for creating a video tutorial of an application.”
This could be cute, if it also exported animated gifs!

PPC rules! Intel sucks! Look at our keynote charts! Woops, no more PPC.
We invented Firewire! It’s the best! Woops, no more Firewire.
Java included! We are the ideal Java dev platform! Woops, no more Java.
No new features in 10.6! Woops, App Store.
Sign up for your .Mac account! Woops, no such thing.
Mac OS! Woops, OSX.
We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!

Sorry, I’ve been an OSX user long enough to know their 1984 song and dance. I also never said they would make a touchscreen macbookpro. I vaguely said “Touchscreen everything” then expanded on the idea of wasted resources; working on two different versions of their in-house software for nothing. IMHO they will be rethinking their product line in the upcoming years.

Command + Tab.
F3 (Or whatever shortcut you have set for Exposé).
CTRL + Arrow Key (Or whatever shortcut you have set for Spaces).
Four finger slide on the mouse pad.
Reality distortion field.

Interesting, this must be the Ableton Live reality distortion field then :)

No mention of MobileMe? :)

Isn’t it time you moved your business to the clown?

Wait, I mean cloud.


All that increased wi-fi pushing of files to every tool is going to be the death of the health of Steve Jobs. Way to go, making sure that we’ll all be bombarded by useless/needless wi-fi field file transfers.

the cloud looks like a plot for a b-movie…

I’ve installed it on 2 machines at home and going for the 3rd now.
I’m happy with it. Mouse scrolling is now inverted though… hmm.

A tech review

here’s how to install it from a dvd/usb

You can disable it in system preferences. I have installed it to my girlfriends computer, and it is somewhere in options, depends on which device you use. It’s on trackpad or mouse settings. It is called natural scrolling. Just disable it.
I will try to install it after finishing album I am currently working on and report on how audio units I have are holding…