MacOS 10.14 (MBP with Intel Iris GPU): Sluggish UI responsiveness in 3.4

Long time renoise customer / supporter. It’s been ages since i’ve installed a new version of renoise. After installing 3.4 on a new user profile on my mid2015 mbp (10.14.6) fresh it seems i get incredibly slugish responsiveness from any interaction with the renoise interface. UI resize, browse folder tree, transport controls, all pretty unusable out of the gate.
Am i missing something? checkbox for intel CPU or something?

Looking forward to catching up with an old friend (renoise) but for now, back to FT clone, an even OLDER friend! (which by the way runs like a well oiled tracker on any modern computer/os!! amazing imo)

Hi! Your setup probably has a problem with the new OSX metal rendering. Metal rendering usually results into a big UI performance speedup, but we’ve rarely seen setups where it’s problematic and behaves buggy or simply slow.

To fix this, please turn of the OSX metal rendering in Renoise’s Preferences → GUI → “use Metal based GFX rendering”.

If this fixes the problem, could you please give us a few more info on the hardware you’re running Renoise on? A screenshot or the info from “Apple Menu” → “About this Mac” → “Overview” will be enough.


Thank you; this was driving me nuts (2020 MacBook Pro; Catalina).

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@mSepsis did this solve your problem as well?

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My apologies for the delay replying! i went back to an older version and was running fine. I’ll remove and try what you are asking.

annnd yep that cleared it up, thanks for the immediate follow up, I had seen it, but had already removed 3.4.1, cleared all renoise application files, pref files etc in my user’s home folder then went back to 3.4.0 where things worked straight out. FT clone is kick ass and all but i’m good with renoise by my side.

on that note, i have to say, as giddy as a kid - I love renoise, and even if i don’t use it every day it’s my go to when going in actually wanting to compose something i know i’ll be likely be passionate about working on further - hands down. no question, hasn’t changed since pre ableton for me.

Just realized i hadn’t trashed the 3.4.0 prefs which i usually do when trying to follow up with bug reports etc, doubtful that would impact anything in this case.

thanks again!

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