macOS 12: Can't create XRNS songs anymore with OSXs archive tool - wrong zip format

Seems like macos now does different zips itself… If I pack a renoise song dir with context menu “archive”, Renoise can’t load the zip anymore, messaging “wrong zip format”.


tried to analyse the difference via

7zz l -slt archive.file | grep -e '^---' -e '^Path =' -e '^Method ='

(brew install sevenzip)

Seems like macos monteney also packs that annoying hidden resource data:

Path = __MACOSX/._Song.xml
Method = Deflate

Also Song.xml is not the first entry in the zip, but I guess this does not matter.

So using Keka instead seems to be the way now.

This shouldn’t be the problem. Renoise simply ignores all extra content in the zip file, but the updated macOS archive tool writes some unexpected local zip headers. Not sure why they do this, but it seems safe to simply ignore that. Will do that for the next Renoise update.

Oh ok, you already figured it out, nice